Maintain competitive tension, Eric as a pivot and other keys to Valladolid - Barça

Two different realities will meet today at the New José Zorrilla Stadium.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 04:35
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Maintain competitive tension, Eric as a pivot and other keys to Valladolid - Barça

Two different realities will meet today at the New José Zorrilla Stadium. A Barça already champion and with the feeling of having their homework done visits a Valladolid (10 pm) that is playing for permanence. An important meeting for the general situation of the League. Here are my five key tactics for this match:

Although it is not easy to maintain the tone and competitiveness in games where there is nothing at stake, Barça has to try to do it. Because regardless of the fact that the Catalans have everything done, there are many teams that do have things at stake. Starting with the rival, Valladolid, which is in a tense situation. So one of Barça's obligations tonight is to compete for the shirt they wear, as well as to dignify the competition. Other teams expect the blaugranas to face the match to the maximum.

In the first leg at the Camp Nou Lewandowski played a huge game. Not only because he scored two goals, but because of everything he generated, and he conditioned Valladolid. In the first goal he hides at the far post until the precise moment to finish off. And in the second he throws an indicative diagonal for Dembélé's assistance and defines (hopefully) but with magic. He also tends to be superior in the game with his back compared to the rival. Although it is true that Valladolid will fill the area of ​​the area a lot (three centrals), it is also true that Barça has to take advantage of it today.

In the press conference after the Real Sociedad day, Xavi expressed his desire to return to placing Eric Garcia in the position of defensive midfielder. And today is a good day for it. Given the structure of the rival (defense of five) we will see if Xavi decides to play with two wingers, or with an inner square. The second of the options is the one that would give her more options to play at the start. And it is that Eric Garcia is a player with several virtues for the pivot position. Also some limitations. Be that as it may, his good performance in the Elche field endorses him as a valid alternative.

Whoever plays and against Pezzolano's five-man defense, it will be essential for the team to make the most of the field, placing two players close to the wings and moving the ball around quickly. Two ingredients that will be non-negotiable to find spaces inside. That, and waiting for the moment to connect the key pass that allows access to the rival area.

The most dangerous player in current Valladolid is called Cycle Larin. The Canadian player arrived with the season running and is the top scorer for the Valladolid team. He accumulates seven goals and two assists but, beyond that, he is a footballer who always gives a sense of danger. He likes bands and is very powerful with spaces. He also tends to be quite reliable in face-to-face with the opposing goalkeeper. Also highlight the role of former Barça player Monchu. He was a fixture for Pacheta and continues to be a fixture with Paulo Pezzolano. With 1,964 minutes, he is the fifth most used outfield player. Good judgment, good mentality and a very good outside shot. He also pays attention to Escudero's long wide services because they all go directly to the area. An action that Valladolid puts into practice in any throw-in that it has in the last third of the field.

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