3 Formula 1 Questions For The American Grand Prix And Beyond

3 Formula 1 Questions For The American Grand Prix And Beyond

22 October 2019 Tuesday 10:17
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3 Formula 1 Questions For The American Grand Prix And Beyond

The United States is a nation filled with sports enthusiasts, and from basketball to hockey, you can watch sporting events of the highest quality at iconic stadia and locations. When it comes to motorsport, there are few more famous venues than the Indianapolis Speedway, which hosts the legendary Indie 500, and the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas which is home to the Formula 1 American Grand Prix. November 3rd is the date when the world's biggest motorsport competition arrives Stateside, and it may be the decisive race which sees the 2019 champion crowned. That's not the only question hanging over Formula 1 at the moment, however, which makes the sport exciting on and off the track.

Who Will Win The 2019 United States Grand Prix?

The biggest question of all in the F1 season could be answered in Austin in November, namely who the F1 champion for the 2019 season will be. Barring the strangest of circumstances, however, it seems certain that the name on the roll of honour will belong once more to Lewis Hamilton. He has such a commanding lead in the standings that he could still be crowned even if he failed to finish another race, and the mathematics of the situation makes it likely that he could officially confirm his title at the American Grand Prix despite the two races that follow it. Nevertheless, the race itself will be fascinating; Lewis loves the track and has won it a record six times, but could this be the year that a young buck climbs to the top step?

Will 2020 See A Change Of Champion?

Lewis Hamilton will probably win the 2019 Formula 1 championship, making it three championships in a row and six in total. He's not getting any younger, however, and he may find things much more challenging in 2020. Could it be the year that his teammate Valtteri Bottas stakes a claim to be the number one driver in the Williams team, or could the super talented youngster Max Verstappen fulfil his huge potential? Many see Verstappen as the natural successor to F1 legends such as Ayrton Senna and Lewis himself, and even at 22 years of age, he seems mature enough to challenge for the top prize. With a Ladbrokes Free Bet courtesy of Freebet Up you can back Max and more to take next year's Formula 1 crown. Visit Freebet Up to see more great bonuses, offers, and reviews.

Will The Formula 1 Rulebook Change?

It's not only on the track where F1 changes could occur. In recent years, Formula 1 is attempting to become more competitive and yet more eco-friendly as well, and many fans don't feel that this balancing act is working. F1's governing body has suggested rule changes for the 2020 season with this in mind, but six of the sport’s ten teams have rejected the proposed changes saying that they will prevent the teams from designing their own cars. As it stands, the teams and owners are in a stand-off, but which side will win?

The rule changes may be in limbo but one thing we can be sure of is an exciting 2020 season ahead. The 2019 season hasn't ended yet, however, and the upcoming United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas could be the most thrilling one yet.



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