A Beginner Supplies Guide to Handle a Pool Day

Properly handling a pool day might seem like a simple thing to do at first, but when you start considering things a little more

A Beginner Supplies Guide to Handle a Pool Day

Properly handling a pool day might seem like a simple thing to do at first, but when you start considering things a little more

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
15 July 2021 Thursday 14:07
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A Beginner Supplies Guide to Handle a Pool Day

Properly handling a pool day might seem like a simple thing to do at first, but when you start considering things a little more, especially when your significant other and children are involved, things start to get a little bit more complicated than you first anticipated.

To cover all your needs, preparation is absolutely required. Thankfully, there’s a set amount of supplies you can have at your disposal to be fully geared for it. These supplies will vary significantly based on the needs of the people involved, so make sure to assess your situation.

Still, there are some specific things you might want to have regardless, so in this article, we will cover some of the most essential cheap online swimming pool supplies you should definitely bring to a pool day, and discuss why they are so important.

Make Sure to Bring Drinks

Playing in the water doesn’t mean that you won’t get thirsty, and since you’ll probably be exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat while moving constantly, getting thirsty is actually very common when it comes to going to a pool or a beach.

That is why you should definitely bring enough drinks for you and your family. Water is usually the best way to go, just because of its incredible hydration power. It is also fairly affordable (or free, in most situations), which is the reason why it is highly recommended.

Other than that, there are other options to remain hydrated. A nice cooled slice of watermelon, coconut water, lemon-infused beverages, and even Gatorade, are very good choices as well.

Have Enough Food

Swimming and constantly being under the sun might get you starving real quick, especially considering that swimming is one of those sports that can get various parts of your body working, thus, burning a lot of calories.

That is why you might want to have enough food for everyone to recover their energies in case it is needed. We always recommend going for food that is on the light side and takes a break of at least 40 minutes before jumping into the water again to avoid getting cramps.

Cramps can be very dangerous, so if you have children with you, make sure they follow this rule for their own safety, and just in case, supervise them until the time has passed. After that, you might want them to do some light stretches. Ideally, stretches should be done even before jumping for the first time, so try to take your time to teach your family how to stretch, so they can reduce the chances of suffering from a muscle cramp.

Prepare Against the Sun

Sunburn is one of the most common issue when involving beaches and pools, and the saddest thing about it is that it can be easily avoided, at least, for most people out there. Sunscreen is the best approach to this problem since they are specifically made to avoid sunburns.

There’s a wide variety of brands out there, but they are usually very affordable, going from $10 to $15, and with one single bottle, you’ll probably cover your and your family’s share for some time.

If, by any chance, you or one of your family members end up suffering from a sunburn, here’s a little guide on how to engage the process of dealing with it: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/176441#sunburn_symptoms.  Sunburns are usually followed by fever, nausea, headaches, and general weakness, so if those symptoms are present, try to check the previous guide.

Inflatables, Floaties, and Toys

Inflatables and toys can vastly influence your experience at any pool, and it can especially influence the experience of kids, just because of how much fun they can have with them.

They are excellent pieces of equipment to teach them how to swim as well, and some specific types of floaties are perfect for keeping them safe during their adventure.

They are also great additions for people who just like to bathe in the sunlight or play a specific type of game, like volleyball. Ideally, you should have in mind the needs of your family (or friends) before deciding what type of floaties, toys, or inflatables to get, so make sure to give it some thought.

Besides that, you have the option of getting snorkels, which can be a very adventurous choice for a lot of people, especially those who are not accustomed to the idea of going underwater for long periods of time.

They might require some practice, though, so be careful, and if you are teaching a child, be patient and make sure to learn how to teach them properly. Masks, goggles, and a fin set can also help any adult or kid swim faster, and they might be a lot of help when it comes to teaching how to swim, so consider them as well. A swim vest or a swimming cap is also a very good choice.

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