Xavi intones the mea culpa Xavi Hernández

FC Barcelona have four games left with an unimpressive yet necessary goal.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
13 May 2024 Monday 05:24
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Xavi intones the mea culpa Xavi Hernández

FC Barcelona have four games left with an unimpressive yet necessary goal. Achieving second place is something vital for a club in low hours where every million euros counts. To begin with, it involves about 50 million in revenue. It is also the passport to go to Saudi Arabia to play in the Spanish Super Cup, which means a ticket of seven million, one more if Barça reaches the final and two more if they lift the title. Television rights and future sponsorship agreements remain on the sidelines.

All this shower of millions would certainly help the thought sports planning to come forward more or less. On the sidelines travels the pride and self-esteem of a club that sees how Real Madrid has been living in a situation opposite to its own for some time. Next year, in the absence of an official announcement, he will join. "Let's go, we trained well this week. And we have already exhausted the quota of bad luck", they broadcast yesterday from the sports city when they received the visit of the sports vice-president Rafa Yuste, a great supporter of Xavi.

The coach and the sports leadership believe that in two weeks the economic situation will be clarified. And that they will be able to go from planning to execution with the signing of a defensive pivot being an absolute priority. Subject pending since a year ago when Sergio Busquets announced that he was leaving the club.

Oriol Romeu and his knee problems have not blocked the departure of the ex-captain. The injury to Gavi, who tore ligaments in November with the national team, also affected the defensive performance. "It's my mistake, we didn't live up to the circumstances and we didn't compete as we wanted. When we have occupied a positional defensive midfielder, such as Oriol Romeu or Christensen, it has been better for us", explained the coach making self-criticism.

The numbers say that until Gavi disappeared, Barça had conceded 12 goals in 14 games. At this point in the film, there are 43 goals in 34 games. "The approach of some parties was wrong, we should have restructured the center of the field", insisted a responsible Xavi.

On his list of names for the pivot is that of Zubimendi, from Real Sociedad, today's rival of the Blaugrana who will not be able to play because he is still resentful of his injury. His substitute will be Beñat Turrientes.

Barça already knows that Real will ask for 60 million euros. A figure impossible to pay, for now. That is why the Barcelona club has not yet started any movements or conversations. Nor Xavi, who now, contrary to what happened in past seasons when he traveled and called impossible-to-recruit footballers, prefers to wait and see if the income corresponds to his wishes.

In the meantime, much of the coach's thoughts are on ending a season that will end with zero titles as best as possible. Meanwhile, he celebrates that young people like Pau Cubarsí have renewed with the club until 2027. "Héctor Fort and Marc Guiu we hope will be next", he revealed. In addition, in a summer with the European Championship and the Olympic Games, he will intervene by talking with the Federation to discuss the participation of the youth team. And Peter "We are taking care of him and he is doing better," explained the canary.

But first the Real Sociedad, which is competing with Betis for a place in Europe. Out of a total of 84 visits to Barcelona, ​​only four times were they able to take the three points. The last one was last season, when they won 1-2. This year in Anoeta, Barcelona prevailed with a goal from Araújo in stoppage time. Suffering. "It was difficult for us to get out and progress. It will be a tough match", warns Xavi. After the visit of the txuri urdin, Barça will visit the field of the already relegated Almeria, receive Rayo Vallecano and close the season in Seville. These three teams are no longer playing each other.