To Mr. President of the Spanish Government

It may seem like an act of arrogance that I publicly address you.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 17:49
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To Mr. President of the Spanish Government

It may seem like an act of arrogance that I publicly address you. I take the risk, just as I recognize that I have no qualifications to do so, except to have voted for the Socialist Party from the end of UCD until today. I am not writing to him to formulate a global criticism of his management, which I have already publicly praised as meritorious in several areas, and even less to question the legitimacy of his Government and its parliamentary support, which is obvious.

If I do so, it is because I cannot stand the spectacle of institutional degradation that has worsened, in recent times, to an unbearable extreme, which ridicules not only some of the protagonists, but the State itself. Because what State is this in which, in its institutions, verbal aggression has replaced rational dialogue; the Cainite confrontation, the necessary collaboration, and sarcasm and mockery, irony and humor? They are institutions where neither intelligence nor moderation predominate.

It will rightly be said that the Popular Party bears the same responsibility for this misery as the Socialist Party. It is true, but that does not exempt you, Mr. President, from the greatest blame, for being the one with the most power, as fate has put him in the place he legitimately occupies. And it is appealing to this high dignity of his that I ask him: why does he maintain a Government coalition that is a source of continuous conflicts and mistakes and that, in fact, is no longer such, if it ever was? , and why does he trust everything to the parliamentary support of deputies who, declared or not, favor the destruction of the system, either to replace it with another, or to separate their communities from Spain?

I ask him because a few days ago, in the middle of a conversation with an old journalist friend, I told him that President Sánchez is a man of courage, to which he replied: "Yes, he is a man of courage, but he has no pride". "Why do you say that?", I asked him. "He has no pride - he answered me - because he is ready to swallow everything in order to continue in power not only now, but after the next elections, since he could only retain power with the same supports as now" .

It may be true: appearances confirm it. But, if so, I fail to understand the concern that you, Mr. President, have shown for how it will go down in history. And indeed, it may happen, as he said, for having arranged the exhumation and transfer of General Franco's remains. But this will make very little sense: not much more than a footnote. His ambition is surely to go down in history for a work that accredits him as a statesman. And that would require, in my opinion, an end right now to an unsustainable coalition that erodes institutions, debases politics and generates a general sense of uncertainty.

I think he could hold out alone until the end of the legislature, successfully exercising the six-month presidency of the European Union. I do not think that the PP committed the indecency of betting to make it difficult or prevent it, showing itself unable to repeat the help that Pujol gave to González on a similar occasion.

i'm done And I do it longing for the Socialist Party that Javier Fernández outlined in his speech as president of the management company on February 14, 2017. I long for a party that acts responsibly, whether it is in power or in opposition; with a disposition to reach possible agreements without renouncing one's own essential positions, and knowing how to distinguish between what is a reasonable agreement and an unworthy pact. A party that is a moderate political force, whose moderation is shown in setting the scope of its political action: reducing inequality and defending the public sphere, as well as in not playing the adversary an enemy, because if the opponent is made an enemy, dialogue is renounced; and if dialogue is renounced, Parliament is renounced; and if you renounce Parliament, you renounce politics. Politics is done there.

This Socialist Party is necessary. It is essential.