The Casteller Museum offers an exciting immersive experience

Feel the overflowing joy of the castellers when they manage to raise a tower.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
04 September 2023 Monday 11:12
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The Casteller Museum offers an exciting immersive experience

Feel the overflowing joy of the castellers when they manage to raise a tower. Experiencing the fear in the skin of the frog as it climbs the trunk until it reaches the fin, when the construction is considered complete. Perceive the swaying of an imposing ten-story castle that threatens to fall or feel the disappointment when there is firewood and the castle collapses on the pine tree or the lining opens.

Món Casteller, the long-awaited Museu Casteller de Catalunya, in Valls (Alt Camp), aims above all for the visitor to feel what castellers feel when they put on their shirts and get angry. And that they understand why a castella group prepares, rehearses non-stop to bring to the square a human construction loaded with complexity.

After living the experience, it can be said that the goal has been achieved: you can imagine what the castellers feel and understand why they want to make increasingly difficult towers. Goosebumps.

"Based on the fact that in 2010 the castles were declared intangible cultural heritage by Unesco, it is a museum of experience, to live it, to feel emotion and feel what the castle dwellers feel", Míriam Mariné, director of the Casteller Museum "You will find an immersive and sensorial experience, it is a new look that we are very interested in to excite the visitors and transmit many of the sensations we experience when we are in the square", added Natàlia Garriga, the Minister of Culture.

In order to convey so many emotions, Món Casteller is based on the four great values ​​that drive the hundred Casteller gangs that exist in and outside of Catalonia. Strength, balance, courage and sanity serve to sew a modern museographic story, despite being faithful to a tradition with more than two centuries of history.

The vehicle to excite and also explain what castles are is above all a powerful audiovisual discourse. The technology, with spectacular and huge screens, helps to dive into the pineapple, climb the trunk to the highest part of a castle or feel the pressure of holding several floors of people on your back.

Món Casteller will open its doors in Valls on Friday, attached to Plaça del Blat, kilometer zero of the Casteller phenomenon. "It is a cultural facility of national scope, for the projection of an entire country and a territory", said Noemí Llauradó, president of the Provincial Council of Tarragona.

The facility had its first guided tour yesterday, before the premiere. It has not been easy at all to fulfill a dream, that of having the first Casteller Museum of Catalonia in Valls. The capital of the Alt Camp already expressed at the end of the seventies the desire to have an interpretation center that could be the home of all the castellare gangs. The project began to take shape during the second decade of this century, but it has had to overcome many vicissitudes.

"For every obstacle, of which there have been many, we have found solutions. There has been a delay, yes, but we have moved forward", emphasized Dolors Farré, mayoress of Valls.