Read the full the queen's new year speech

Queen Margrethe new year's eve held its annual speech for the 48. time. Here you can read the full speech: - So that is another year gone. Now is 2019 behi

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 23:00
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Read the full the queen's new year speech

Queen Margrethe new year's eve held its annual speech for the 48. time.

Here you can read the full speech:

- So that is another year gone. casino siteleri Now is 2019 behind us with all it brought, - memories we will manual us by, both the good and the sad, - the challenges that we had to take up both the heavy and the inspiring.

In the years it was 50 years ago that man landed on the moon and we got our own planet Earth to see as a small planet in the big room: quite alone, but so beautiful and round and blue: the Planet, which we have at home. For us here in Denmark it is perhaps not so surprising that the planet is blue, because we have the sea in front of us and the blue sky above us.

So magnificent and varied our Earth may seem, it is, however, vulnerable. We are learning to realize, and it may well worry, not least many young people, who see climate change makes itself clearly felt in these years. We have a shared commitment to our beautiful planet, so teeming with life. It is a major challenge for us all today, and it is all about, that we all are aware of how we live and what we do.

In our time, there has crept a sense check, which can be difficult to talk about, but which we must put the words in order to come to grips:

Loneliness. It is a feeling which affects many. This applies not only socially disadvantaged, it applies to older people who see their spouse and their peers fall from where they were, all the that filled everyday life? But it could just as well apply to children and young people. Who will play with me? Who do I have to talk with? Not just on Facebook, but true: face-to-face in four eyes with a peer or with someone who is older, and that you can confide in. A to share his thoughts with.

We need to talk together, also about the solitude. We need each other. We need to get confirmed, we mean something.

2020 is a year with much to remember. The 9. april it is 80 years ago that Denmark was occupied. An event, which came to influence all who experienced it, and which has left deep traces in the Danish consciousness. There went 5 years, but then came Liberation the 4. and 5. may 1945. The age of all with an intoxicating joy that could be felt even by one who, as I, was only 5 years old. But the joy could not be shared by all, of the island of Bornholm had to first live through a bombardment, which went hard out of Rønne and Nexø and resulted in tragic loss of civilian life.

It is long ago, yes, and those who experienced it, is away almost all together. However, it is 5 years old, which are still being reminded, also, with pride, the unity and the spirit of sacrifice, which showed, what we in Denmark are able to. We must still stand on guard for the values we fought for, and that our society is still based.

It is shameful to see how anti-semitism again rears its ugly face forward, is also here with us. Anti-semitism, intolerance, and repression of dissenters, they have no place. It is something that we should be very aware of and help each other to work against.

10. July is the 100-year anniversary of The reunification with Denmark. Genforeningsdagen was a ritual, not just for denmark lost, but a day that involved the whole Danish population. Thousands flocked people from all over the country to experience king Christian X ride over the border on the white horse. Perhaps many today may feel that it is distant, but ask denmark lost: They know that there turned a leaf in Denmark's history. We can well be familiar to celebrate when the anniversary comes, and we will celebrate.

In the late summer, I visited the Schleswig-Holstein, where I got a warm and festive reception, which was to confirm the strong neighbourhood and good friendship between Germany and Denmark.

It was also a memorable meeting with the Danish minority.

In came home to Denmark 100 years ago. But Denmark is and will be your heartland. It touched me to hear also from the young generation. I will never forget!

Both the Danish minority and the German minority have their part in that area over the years has evolved so harmonious and peaceful. It is a model for the whole world. I am sending my warm nytårsønsker for all in the borderlands.

While the ice is dropping its grip on Greenland, becoming the world's attention increasingly turned to the country up north. The country and the people is me, and my family's heart very near. We always follow up with what is happening and going on in Greenland, and is in our thoughts, both when it pinches, and when, In tackling the problems with confidence. A good and happy new year, I wish for everyone in Greenland.

Also to the Faroe islands goes my thoughts on the last night. Also here have I and my family warmth and good memories. With unremitting zeal, has managed to overcome many of the difficulties that encounter a society that is geographically isolated and exposed to the forces of nature. I send all on the Faroe islands my cordial nytårsønsker.

in the distant climes contribute our Danish deployed soldiers to freedom and stability. We should remember on this evening, where they are extra missed at home.

I send my warmest greetings and good wishes for the new year to all issued and to their families.

It is not only out in the world, there are people on guard. My new year greeting goes to all of within the defense, emergency preparedness, police, healthcare and all the others that are at work in the evening and in the night. Men and women who all fit their post, while others can take a break and celebrate the new year safely and securely.

Where in the world one turns, one encounters the danes. In the spring I visited Argentina, also there live there many, whose roots are in Denmark and hold on the inheritance. To them and to all others with Danish roots, where in the world they are, I submit my nytårsønsker with thanks for their faithfulness to the old country.

Every day making my family happy and proud. The crown prince and the crown princess have enough to order, and at the same time, they manage to create a warm home for their four children.

Prince Joachim and princess Marie with their two children in Paris, where Prince Joachim in-service training at the French military academy. At the same time, I have enjoyed being able to follow his stories on the history of the television. I thought so, that he would be good at.

In the new year, prince Christian konfirmeres. He will soon become a young man and has life ahead of it. Although I have round birthday. I have many years behind me.

I am grateful for all the years brings me, and for all the heat, as I and all my family still are met with. It both inspires us and binds us.

Now is the year 2020 for the door.

Yet we do not know what it will bring. We linder on the door, it is like a new acquaintance with new opportunities. We all have plans, large or small, and want, more or less achievable. Let us go into the new year together. I wish all a happy new year. It may be a good year for Denmark.


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