“Putin wanted my paintings; today she would be a princess of Saint Petersburg”

22 years ago we spoke here.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 23:04
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“Putin wanted my paintings; today she would be a princess of Saint Petersburg”

22 years ago we spoke here.

Yes, Heini was admitted to Teknon for medical reasons.

The baron died after a year.

Heini is waiting for me in heaven, where we will all meet.

Also with Lex Barker, Tarzan...

In the school yard, as girls, we played to recreate scenes from the Tarzan movies, and I never dared to be Jane! And in the end...I was. My first husband.

In view of his successive losses... where does he get his strength?

from inside me Every day I wake up excited!

Isn't it boring to have everything?

Nobody has everything. And I never get bored.

Are you still excited to go shopping?

Yes. I recently saw a Swarovski crystal in the shape of Mickey Mouse! I couldn't resist: it didn't cost a hundred euros.

What would you like to teach your daughters?

The same thing I taught Borja: before you speak, listen. Before writing or signing, think and consult. Before you hurt someone, put yourself in their shoes. If you hurt, ask for forgiveness. Before criticizing, look in the mirror. Before you spend without talent, earn your money with your talent. And in life never throw in the towel, never! fight

Did you do it?

I fought and fought.

Well, he gave me a great headline here 22 years ago: "I have never worked".

Well, but today I would qualify it.

For example?

I didn't work at first because I got married very young and devoted myself to the family. But since I met Heini I haven't stopped working: I create and manage museums with my collections, I'm a professional expert at this.

Museums to...

In Andorra, in Madrid, in Malaga... and soon also a museum in Sant Feliu.

At the age of your daughters, you were Miss Catalonia, Miss Spain...


And third in Miss Europe, Miss World and Miss Universe...


And actress

And I met Heini at a dinner party and we fell deeply in love.

what was he like

Handsome, sincere, he never said one thing for another, he was wonderful. We talked until the morning of art: "You have the eye!". In other words, he had an eye for art, he kept telling me.

And they brought to Spain, thanks to you, their fabulous Thyssen art gallery.

Seven years of negotiations with the heirs so that Spain could acquire it!

Was the baron happy?

He told me before he died that he was happy to see his collection together and in Spain.

Also your private collection is here, in Spain.

Yes, the most important private collection in the world. And Putin offered me many millions, many!, to take her away


Yes, to rent it to me. And it also offered me a museum. And he also offered me the title of Princess of Saint Petersburg...

And why didn't he accept it?

After so much fighting to bring Heini's collection to Spain... how could I now take mine abroad?

I see he deals with great dignitaries.

Margaret Thatcher explained that the Thyssen Gallery is not in England because of me. Prince Charles, now King Charles III, came to Lugano to persuade us to take our collection there.

Which leader did you like best?

Reagan and Gorbachev, who also negotiated world peace under a painting by Heini. And Raïssa always accompanied me.

Did you make anyone else angry, apart from Thatcher?

The Duke of Marlborough: he was crossing on horseback through an estate of ours to go fox hunting, and I stopped him.

Are you an animal lover?

I live surrounded by animals, dogs, cats and birds. Nature is perfection and beauty, it is the most valuable thing: let's take care of it!

"How does it look 15 years from now?", I asked him here now 22 years ago.

Yes? And what did I answer him?

"Very beautiful, I hope!"

Ha, ha... I do sports, walk and nap frugally. I look good, but what really keeps me in shape is moving on and watching my children and grandchildren grow up.

do you watch tv

I often watch Aruser@s in the morning, it's an interesting show, ame.

And the matter of Ana García Obregón...?

I applaud him! His son went to heaven and today he sees his life extended with his genes in his daughter... Well done!