Puigdemont and Pedro Sánchez's ankle

Carles Puigdemont has plenty of arguments to make a fool of Pedro Sánchez regarding the constitution of the Congress Bureau.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 August 2023 Wednesday 11:10
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Puigdemont and Pedro Sánchez's ankle

Carles Puigdemont has plenty of arguments to make a fool of Pedro Sánchez regarding the constitution of the Congress Bureau. There are also plenty of them for not doing it. For the time being, let Junts' final decision arrive on the fixed horn, regardless of what the final resolution is, a reality that, although it was known, was not yet assumed or fully understood: without Puigdemont raising his thumb in the direction of in heaven, the 15th legislature will be little more than an early abortion.

In his last written appearance on X (formerly Twitter), the former president of the Generalitat has disassociated himself from the constitution of the Congress Bureau of the investiture. This is not an insignificant point. The socialists receive a clear message in case they crash definitively in this first assault against Junts' negotiating wall. If the PSOE loses control of Congress, Sánchez will warn by the facts that Puigdemont does not play catch. A decision in this sense would not be equivalent to kicking the board, but a clear warning that things have changed. How to start a football match with a tackle at ankle height of the opponent to show him what awaits him during the next 90 minutes.

Where some see a left-wing majority that guarantees to prevent the transition to a conservative government (now without Vox in the equation, after renouncing the requirement to be part of a theoretical popular executive), Puigdemont only contemplates the state. For the Junts leader, the right strikes sovereignty without and it doesn't matter to him that the abused body is left in dust, while the left does it with wet towels to hide the bruises. But the end result is the same.

That is why the pressures on him, made following the dictates of the classic manual of politics, are sterile. He is facing a State, not the constitution of a future government. Hence its conditions and also its demand for guaranteed payment and, whenever possible, in advance.

With Junts among the ingredients of the necessary dressing, Pedro Sánchez no longer needs the candy handed out in the name of the most progressive government in history. The XV legislature will be the reform of the territorial architecture of the State or it will not be. Saying no to the PSOE in its attempt to control the Bureau of Congress would be equivalent to making things clear from the beginning. facts Turning into something palpable what until now have been nothing more than statements.

It is clear that there are also arguments for Puigdemont to finally act in the opposite direction. However, it seems difficult that before the vote to constitute the Bureau of Congress those "verifiable facts before committing to any vote" that he has demanded on social networks can take place. If Junts dona loosens the rope, it will only be because it has come to the conclusion that in this minute of the game it is better for it to show good will and a negotiating attitude.

Announcing, as Pedro Sánchez has done in the last minute, that he will promote the use of co-official languages ​​in the European institutions taking advantage of the semester of the Spanish presidency, does not respond to the logic of the "provable fact" demanded by Carles Puigdemont, but rather soon to a declaration of intentions of these that make the ex-president so creepy, that he has, according to his own words, "no confidence in the Spanish political parties".

In ten months there will be elections to the European Parliament. These are, we must not forget, the elections in which Puigdemont will once again be examined in person in front of his voters. Too close to practice strategic pirouettes that compromise their way of understanding political coherence. In these future elections, which usually pass without pain or glory when they do not coincide with the municipal ones, there is also a clue to understand what we will experience in the coming months regardless of the color of the Congressional Bureau.