Jan. 6 panel: An ex-White House lawyer talked about Trump's'supremacy derelictionof duty'

Saturday's House Jan.

10 July 2022 Sunday 00:19
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Jan. 6 panel: An ex-White House lawyer talked about Trump's'supremacy derelictionof duty'

Saturday's House Jan. 6 Committee statement described the input of an ex White House lawyer as "reinforcing” allegations of misconduct by former President Donald Trump.

Initial speculation that Pat Cipollone, the ex-White House counsel to Trump, might have confirmed other witnesses' statements in Friday's highly anticipated private interview was temperated by the possibility that Cipollone may have invoked executive confidentiality. This legal concept allows presidents to freely speak with legal advisors.

A committee spokesperson suggested a new story after responding to multiple reports Cipollone invoked this privilege during his testimony under subpoena.

"In our interview, Mr. Cipollone gave critical testimony about nearly every major topic of its investigation, reinforcing important points regarding Donald Trump’s misconduct and providing highly pertinent new information that will play an integral role in its forthcoming hearings," Tim Mulvey, spokesman for the House Select Committee, stated.

It said, "This includes information that demonstrates Donald Trump's supreme neglect of duty."

Trump and his representatives didn't immediately respond to a request late Saturday for comment.

Mulvey didn't confirm or deny reports on privilege but stated that Cipollone wasn't guided by the panel in order to avoid potentially confidential information.

The statement actually suggests that Cipollone was the source of another voice for the committee to support some of Cassidy Hutchinson's vivid testimony, as Cassidy Hutchinson was the assistant to ex-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

She testified that Trump, on Jan. 6, 2021 was overwhelmed with anger and ordered his Secret Service to transport him to the Capitol. He would join supporters and attack police, while trying to reach legislators and Vice President Mike Pence.

She claimed that Trump was being accompanied by Secret Service agents in a presidential SUV. Trump lunged at the steering wheel from behind his front seats, then attempted to grab one agent's throat. Trump denies these claims.

She also said that Trump did not show sympathy for Pence when the rioters were threatening to get close to him. Trump, meanwhile, allegedly had the time to stop them. This was also denied by the former president.

Mulvey stated Saturday in the statement of the committee that Cipollone "corroborated key components of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony."



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