"I felt the victim of an attack"

"It was not consented to.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 August 2023 Friday 11:04
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"I felt the victim of an attack"

"It was not consented to. Not to my liking. I felt vulnerable and the victim of an attack. Of an impulsive, sexist act, out of place and without any kind of consent on my part”. Jenni Hermoso's words in a press release exclusively from her that came at the end of an intense day. After the non-resignation of Rubiales. That the CSD has taken letters in the matter. And especially after the collective statement that all the internationals of the Spanish women's soccer team, and many other soccer players who joined the protest and signed it, chanted the definitive "it's over".

The personal and non-transferable "this far" was missing from the footballer whom the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, kissed at the World Cup celebration without her consent. Hermoso explained the process he has experienced during these five days. "The situation shocked me because of the celebration context. I feel the need to report this fact, since I consider that no person, in any work, sports or social sphere, should be a victim of this kind of non-consensual behavior", he pointed out.

Hermoso's statement shows that, despite the facts, the internationals of the Spanish women's soccer team are not only world champions. They are also a pineapple. "I want to end by making it very clear that, although I am the one who expresses these words, it is all the players in Spain and the world who have given me the strength to come out with this statement. Faced with such a show of disrespect and inability to recognize one's own mistakes and the consequences, I have decided not to play for the national team again while the current leaders are there", he said.

"And although it is true that for my part I do not want to interfere in the multiple ongoing legal processes, I feel compelled to denounce that the words of Mr. Luis Rubiales in which he explains the unfortunate incident are categorically false and part of the manipulative culture which he himself has generated. I have not been respected", she complained.

Neither she nor her family. Because the footballer explains that, on the scale that the national team made in Doha, "I was asked to make a joint statement to lower the pressure on the president. At all times I conveyed to the RFEF and to people of my trust that I would not make any kind of statement about this case, as I understood that, in the event of doing so, it would bring even more prominence to such a special moment for my colleagues and for me", he explained.

"Despite my decision, I must state that I have been under continuous pressure to come out with some statement that could justify the act of Mr. Luis Rubiales. Not only that, but, in different ways and through different people, the RFEF has pressured those around me – family, friends, colleagues, etc. – to give a testimony that had little or nothing to do with my feelings.” add.

And he looked back.

"These kinds of incidents are added to a long list of situations that we have reported in recent years. This fact, in which I have been involved, is only the last straw. Everyone could see it. Attitudes like this have been part of our team's day-to-day life for years." The end.