Holi, nice to meet you

After last week's investiture session, I spoke on the phone with Juan José Millás.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 November 2023 Monday 04:10
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Holi, nice to meet you

After last week's investiture session, I spoke on the phone with Juan José Millás. "What did you think?", I asked him. "How childish it all is!", he answered me. And we commented on the childishness that hangs over our increasingly insolent show-culture today. Because not only in politics, but also in entertainment, consumption and even on Tinder, the feeling of childishness is magnified, and a mental thickness takes over the streets, where the only ones who seem to be right are the crazy.

We talk in fashion as a way of being included "in the conversation", which is how the set of affairs of greatest interest in the "political space" is called today. The words have escaped the consultation of a psychologist and have jumped onto the porches of the chalets where couples regret not mothering and fathering by setting limits to their grandchildren.

There are also names and adjectives that escape from the laboratory or the hospital on the radio - such as "fascism is a cancer" or "a bipolar politician" - without any hint of delicacy towards those who suffer from viruses or bipolarity and have to endure their evils being used to label infamous individuals. And of course, the highly-abled and the differently-abled are closer than ever, because personality is being psychiatrized in an age where bald people are hair-diverse people.

A few years ago, the young people managed to sneak their putodefender – puto as an intensifying prefix – into the RAE, and everyone was full of putocontents without missing anyone. "You talk like a carter", they used to say in my childhood about adults who talked like a carter, since in the past, cart drivers must have been rude men with a rude vocabulary, typical of a rough life. Today, on the other hand, little ones who grew up among natural feather quilts and colorful cupcakes, enjoy the little ones, even when they are exercising dircom and complaining to their heads that "an aunt does what she can" crayfish". In the meantime, they will be saucing in front of the maxirollos, gentlemen and chulassos.

It happens that the advertising strategies that used to be used for children under the age of three are now used by adults, even with animals or cartoons. And they work surprisingly well: they manage to establish an emotional bond between the object and the person, despite not wearing diapers. They are adults who say holi, delaying their incorporation into mature society, spoiled in a wonderful but exhausting amusement park.

The instant gratification favored by the networks has been installed as a state of mind, as has the display of the navel. Long live me! As much as it is imposed and overproduced. Digitally stimulated, masters of the false sense of control offered by technology, there are those who get impatient when the rider is late, even if it is a stormy night. Because they want to continue laughing at blessings with a hot pizza. And the fact is that laughter acts as an environment: it installs the genre of comedy in our everyday life and, without us even realizing it, lightens so much woke behavior.

Phrases such as resignify, narrative or self-care are repeated, which give prominence to the interlocutor, as if he were actually a prepared speaker. But the most unfortunate thing is that, even detecting this falsehood, we fall surrendered under the charming banality of any influencer and run to cancel the spirit of the times in order not to seem thunderstruck. Now comes the afternoon.