From living in a mansion to a caravan

Tori Spelling (Los Angeles, 1973) is not going through the best stage of her life.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 August 2023 Saturday 11:11
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From living in a mansion to a caravan

Tori Spelling (Los Angeles, 1973) is not going through the best stage of her life. Financial and health problems have led her and her family from living in a large mansion to having to live in a caravan. In addition, this week, the same actress announced on Instagram that she had been discharged after being hospitalized for four days, although it has not been revealed what problem she suffered.

Spelling posted a photo of her arm on Instagram showing the hospital bracelet and the date of her admission, August 17. In the images that emerged from her leaving the hospital, she could be seen distressed and unstable, with bruises on her face and both arms.

The actress showed a physical and mental aspect that worried her followers. This year 2023 is not at all positive for the daughter of billionaire television producer Aaron Spelling, who became world famous for playing the role of Donna Martin in the series Beverly Hills in the 1990s.

At the end of May, Tori Spelling left the rented mansion where she lived in Los Angeles and moved in with her husband, Canadian actor Dean McDermott, and their five children – Liam (16), Stella (15) , Hattie (11), Finn (10) and Beau 6)– in a $100-a-night motel. A couple of weeks later, the actress decided to leave the motel behind to move into a caravan where she still sleeps, eats and lives with her children. "The important thing is that we are together", commented the actress on Instagram.

The reason for that move had its roots when in May his children began to feel ill and went to the hospital. According to the first statements of the actress, the children had a fever and cough because of the flu they brought from school. However, their classmates did not suffer from anything similar and in the end the reason for those health problems was discovered: Spelling and McDermott's large mansion was full of toxic mold.

“Does anyone know how to find an excellent mold attorney who can help our family? Our house has been killing us, slowly, for three years. My children and I are very sick, we cannot recover and our family needs help. We are baffled," Spelling wrote on her social media on May 18.

A couple of days later, the entire family left what had been their home for years. But the clan fell apart in mid-June. "It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you that, after 18 years of marriage and five amazing children, Tori Spelling and I have decided to separate and begin a new solo journey," McDermott wrote on Instagram.

According to some media, the family is also going through serious financial problems that did not allow them to maintain the pace of life they were used to, which precipitated the breakup of the marriage, which had already gone through several previous crises.