Feijóo recovers three former ministers for the economic team of his foundation

Josep Piqué, Fátima Báñez and Ramón Escolano.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 00:55
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Feijóo recovers three former ministers for the economic team of his foundation

Josep Piqué, Fátima Báñez and Ramón Escolano. These are the latest signings of Alberto Núñez Feijóo for the new foundation of the PP, which the popular president will present in public today, and which wants to be a meeting point where independent people contribute ideas and proposals that the party can then incorporate into the electoral program with which he presents himself in the elections.

Núñez Feijóo began the year with the announcement of the signing of a former minister of Rajoy, close to former vice-president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Íñigo de la Serna, to coordinate the electoral program. With this, I wanted to send the message that those who had left or felt expelled with Pablo Casado's victory are "returning home". Yesterday, in this line, he named those who will lead the economic team of the foundation: Josep Piqué, Fátima Báñez and Ramón Escolano, three former ministers of the PP.

With them, he breaks what until now had been the incorporations to the foundation, to which the president of the PP attaches great importance in the elaboration of his alternative to the current Government of Spain.

To win this center or center-left space that previously voted for the PSOE and today would have a certain predisposition to vote for the PP, Feijóo wants to put a lot of emphasis when making the proposals, on the seriousness of their elaboration, and at the same time in quality For this reason, nothing better than the initiatives coming from experts, from people with recognized prestige in each of the fields.

It had also been proposed that those who work at the foundation should not be from the PP, that their professionalism and capacity should be prioritized before their political affiliation.

In addition, they consider that if the foundation is nurtured with people from the PP, it could be seen as a parallel structure to that of the party, and create tensions or competition over who is in charge or who makes the decisions. And Feijóo wants to make it clear that the PP is ruled by the management committee, the executive committee and the board of directors, which are the organic representation of its members.

The foundation is something else, and that is why in appointing its members what they are professionally is more important than the party they belong to.

Piqué and Báñez have a different status, since they maintain their militancy in the party, but they have not had an organic life for a long time and occupy expert positions in different areas, while Escolano never joined the PP.

With them will be María Eugenia Clemente, general director of Alestis Aerospace; Verónica Pascual, aeronautical engineer who was director of ASTI Mobile Robotics; Elena Pisonero, executive president of Taldig, a company that promotes knowledge and innovation projects around the challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, and Alicia Richart, industrial engineer, general manager for Spain and Portugal of Afiniti, an American Intel company artificial intelligence The team is completed by José María Abad, specialist in quantitative research methodology and advanced studies program in economics and international affairs.