Feijóo avoids talking about amnesty and defends the equality of Spaniards

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has it complicated.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 11:13
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Feijóo avoids talking about amnesty and defends the equality of Spaniards

Alberto Núñez Feijóo has it complicated. In nine days the leader of the PP faces his investiture, but everyone, even him, is already talking about what will happen after he fails to become president, as the numbers indicate. This then refers to an investiture of Pedro Sánchez, for which pro-independence supporters demand an amnesty for the process.

But Feijóo did not want to mention the term amnesty yesterday, even though the idea hovered over his speech at all times, at a PP event in Santiago de Compostela. Instead, he chose to defend the equality of all Spaniards, following some concessions by Sánchez to the pro-independence parties that the popular people take for granted will take place, as a price for the investiture of the socialist leader. For this reason, they already anticipate that the Spanish would be treated unequally, according to the autonomy where they live.

In Santiago, a few kilometers from where Pedro Sánchez was speaking at the same time, Feijóo became the defender of "freedom and equality among Spaniards", which is "what differentiates democracy from a dictatorship".

The event in Galicia was a preview of what will take place on Sunday, in Madrid, organized against the amnesty, and in which the popular leader will reinforce his message in favor of equality. Feijóo assured that he has chosen to defend equality, even if it means losing the option of being president. If he had preferred the investiture, he points out, he would have accepted what Sánchez, in his opinion, is willing to accept. "I don't know if I will lose the investiture, but the Spanish will not lose their dignity, never", he said.

The president of the PP argues this idea of ​​Sánchez's concessions in some of the decisions he has taken since he has been president, such as pardons, the abolition of sedition or the reduction of penalties for embezzlement. According to Feijóo, none of these decisions have had their origin in a desire to equalize with other European countries: "He made them for the personal convenience of Pedro Sánchez".

These are the ideas that the leader of the PP will defend in the speech he will deliver on September 26 in the debate of his investiture, in which he wants to differentiate himself from Sánchez: "Spain is a nation of free and equal citizens, and this is what I will defend in any circumstance, whatever the cost, even if it costs us the presidency of the Government of Spain", he said.

Feijóo has assumed the failure of his investiture, since he does not have the necessary supports and has no possibility of obtaining them, barring a miracle. That is why his speech is already focused on the day after the vote on the 27th.

They also verbalize this conviction that they will not be invested in their party. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in an event held yesterday in Madrid, asked Sánchez to call elections. "I encourage him to be honest and, for once in his political life, to have a say and present himself at the polls with the project that he himself has been leading since July," he said. "We are going to elections. I ask Pedro Sánchez to be a brave man, of his word, and to tell the Spaniards what he will do, to go to the polls with open hands and openly ask the Spaniards if this is what they want", insisted Ayuso.

Feijóo also took advantage of his intervention in front of the PP militants to defend his choice in the investiture, even knowing that he will not go ahead. "It bothers him that he is going to the investiture, because it shows that he has lost the elections", he stressed, referring to Sánchez. And he added that the leader of the PSOE is upset that he is running for the election, "because I will present a project that is not subject to blackmail". According to Feijóo, the socialists are annoyed "even that we hold rallies in the street and give voice to all Spaniards, while they listen to those who do not want to be Spanish".

According to the leader of the PP, Sánchez "is bothered by the PP and the PSOE" and that is why they have expelled Nicolás Redondo. "First they wanted to silence eight million Spaniards who voted for the PP". Then, he said, "they wanted to cancel 11 million Spaniards that I will represent in the investiture debate", then "to corner those who do not agree" and now, "they are expelling their militants to defend the Constitution , and to defend what Pedro Sánchez defended two months ago and now no longer defends", in clear allusion to the amnesty.