"Espanyol's ways in my farewell hurt and annoy me"

He gave sporting life to Espanyol.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 00:54
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"Espanyol's ways in my farewell hurt and annoy me"

He gave sporting life to Espanyol. Eight years in the first team, divided into two stages, in which he experienced the joys of Europe, but also a relegation. And hard injuries. The football life of David López (Sant Cugat, 1989) includes many other lives. The penultimate one is being lived in Girona. There he reconciled with football. He answers the call of La Vanguardia before facing his former team (14 hours), with whom he maintains a strong relationship.

Do you suffer for Espanyol?

I've always said it, I'm very perico, very Spanish. Even if he has changed teams and is a professional, I still have the feeling and will always have it. And it hurts me It is not easy to see the situation he is in.

Is he worried that he is flirting with relegation?

I am surprised and concerned. I am surprised because they had made many changes with the intention of taking a step forward and it has not been like that, it has even taken a small step back. And I'm worried because I know what it's like to be relegated with Espanyol and it's not easy to get back up.

You know the white-and-blue environment and its negativity.

It is a historic club and the fans have a great feeling. In Barcelona, ​​being a member of Espanyol is not easy, and the fan is at heart and will be forever. Seeing things not quite come out is frustrating. But surely the players are not having a good time, and they will be giving it their all.

What is it like to face the team of your life?

The first leg was special. I had a feeling of sadness because I was returning home and to the club of my life as a rival. This time it is complicated because if they lose here things will be very complicated for them, but I looked at my interests.

Did it bother him how his departure from Espanyol was?

The more time goes by and seeing it from a distance, it hurts and upsets me, because I was there for a long time and gave a lot for the club in bad times, and maybe the ways in which they decided to tell me that they didn't have me and the times were not right. I think I deserved something more. I do have this nailed spinet.

Did Espanyol's lack of confidence frustrate him?

Yes it is frustrating. My last season there I had an injury that hurt me a lot. But already recovered, I was training and I knew I could give things to Espanyol. The leaders wanted to make a generational change, remove players who continued from the year of relegation and put new faces. You have to accept it like everything in life.

Did you expect to be so prominent in Girona?

I arrived without expectations. It was a very quick move. But I was coming to get rid of that burden from the last year at Espanyol, from my departure. I wanted to be calm and happy emotionally and enjoy my family and football.

Did Míchel's attractive proposal go well for him?

I had seen last year's matches for Víctor Sánchez and I was surprised by the idea of ​​attractive and modern play in which I knew he could fit in very well.

is he having fun

Yes, at Espanyol he had accumulated the covid seasons, the relegation, the year in Segona. The injury last year. And I needed that change of scenery and to do cross and stripe. This has served me for that. I have enjoyed football again.

How many lives do you have left as a footballer?

I do not know. I made my debut in 2010. I have accumulated 13 years in the elite, something very complicated. Clubs are betting more and more on young players because it is profitable. I try to have fun and we'll see what my body can handle.

How is the rivalry between Girona and Espanyol?

As long as it's healthy it's fun for the viewer. It's nice that anticipation is created and that one day the tickets are sold out.