Young skifyre was thrown out of the hotel: Now they get big compensation

Five young guys raised in January 2019, with Thinggaard Travel to Saalbach in Austria for skiing. But after just a day at the hotel, they had pissed off the own

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 19:00
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Young skifyre was thrown out of the hotel: Now they get big compensation

Five young guys raised in January 2019, with Thinggaard Travel to Saalbach in Austria for skiing. But after just a day at the hotel, they had pissed off the owners so well and thoroughly that they all were thrown out. Therefore, getting the boys substitute for the deficiencies of the holidays, because hotelejerne made a huge mistake.

The young people arrived at the hotel Landhaus Wallner in the morning, and after a long day of skiing, they came home and went supposedly in bed by 22-time. They describe even the evening and the morning like this in their complaint to the Package-Board:

'We come home at. 21, where one of us accidentally tripping and taking hold of the skabslågen, as it was open, and it results in the breakage of. This happens approx. at. 21:45. Then we're all going to bed, since we have not slept much in the bus. The last man went to sleep approx. at. 22:30.'

the Next morning break one of the slats on the opredningssengen. According to the youth's complaint was the bed very old, and was an extra bed that was put into the room.

'Kl'. 8:20 we leave the apartment to get on the ski. We agreed that we would inform the owners about the two accidents, as soon as we got home - since we of pure respect, would not call them early on a Sunday morning.'

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But when the young danes come home, have the owners of the hotel have already been in the apartment. Skabslågen stands outside the door to the apartment, and the boys ' keys works suddenly doesn't. They can't get into.

According to the owners has the boys held a party until three o'clock of the night and is not at all gone to bed at 22, which they would otherwise claim. The expulsion, therefore, all of the boys because of the damage and the noise. Hotelejerne have already been inside the apartment and packed the boys ' things.

After a lot of discussion back and forth - and after that one of the boys ' mother is calling hotelejerne - get three of the boys allowed to stay in the apartment, while the last two will be expelled. Supposedly because they have been 'cheeky'. They must then arrange for a hotel for two days before Thinggaard Travel can get them placed a place.

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the Boys complain to the Package-Board, as they believe that their journey was destroyed, since they had looked forward to being together in the apartment on the holiday. At the same time they do not believe that Thinggard Travel has done enough to help them in the situation.

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This gives the Package-Board them right in. On the one hand Package-the Board of appeal not to Thinggard travel have informed them properly about what consequences there would be for non-compliance with the rules of conduct, including expulsion. At the same time should hotelejerne not have shut himself into the apartment and packed the boys ' possessions without prior agreement.

'On this basis, and given the lack of opportunity for socializing in the apartment because of the expulsion, as well as to the staff prior to the banning closed himself into the apartment and packed all rejsedeltagernes property, shall the Board of appeal, that the journey has been fraught with shortcomings, which entitle the complainant to a reduction in the ticket price', writes the Package-the Board of appeal in its decision from 20. december 2019.

the Board did not believe that the Thinggaard Travel could prove that the boys had larmet, which the boys also denied.

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the Board set a discount in the ticket price of 16,000 crowns. The entire journey, which included a one-week skiing holiday including ski passes, costing a total of 28.395 crowns.

at the same time found the Board of appeal also Thinggaard Travel would have to pay the cost of accommodation at a different hotel for the two of the boys, who were not allowed to return to the apartment. An amount equal to 2242 crowns and a discretionary amount to be determined at the 2000 crowns to cover expenses for meals.

the Board of appeal found, however, that guidernes and the organiser's service during the journey had been unsatisfactory, why the complainant's claim regarding this complaint was not accepted.

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