Wrote massive hit and was ripped off: - I feel so stupid

It is never fun to be cheated. But when it's your best friend, who is cheating you well and thoroughly, it hurts - really hurts. It can hitmaker Henrik Bla

Wrote massive hit and was ripped off: - I feel so stupid

It is never fun to be cheated. But when it's your best friend, who is cheating you well and thoroughly, it hurts - really hurts. It can hitmaker Henrik Bla

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
17 February 2020 Monday 00:00
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Wrote massive hit and was ripped off: - I feel so stupid

It is never fun to be cheated.

But when it's your best friend, who is cheating you well and thoroughly, it hurts - really hurts.

It can hitmaker Henrik Blak write on. It is he who is the man behind the mega-hit "Key Mette', which in 2016 was played to infinity.

the Song had been in his drawer for years, as he found the back and together with his musical partner and best friend, Besmir Ismaili, did the to the version, which most people in Denmark can sing along with.

It ran for the duo. Blak played hundreds of jobs over the country. The money from the gigs rolling in - and they wallowed in the luxury travel and expensive booze. He earned about 200,000 dollars per month and was not afraid to share with his friends.

As the celebrations in 2018 began to ebb out of the Question, he discovered that something was rapidly wrong. While his box was empty, the led Besmir Ismaili still up in expensive cars and an extravagant lifestyle.

In a new DR3 program, which can be streamed on dr.dk from today, tells the 30-year-old Henry Said in a brutally honest documentary, how he has been cheated by his best friend in an increasingly complicated case of the rights to the 'Key Mette'.

It is not pennies we are talking about. The song has been streamed over 40 million times, and thus it is millions of dollars, there now is between the former friends.

Henry Blak had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Besmir Ismaili would røvrende him. He struggles, in fact, still understand that it even happened.

- I feel so stupid. I have taken many stupid choices in my life, but this is the stupidest thing, says Henry Blak, which gullible wrote a contract, his friend presented him with Flexmusic, which was a small record label under Sony Music.

standing there, that the Committee would disclaim the rights to get a cash amount every month. Henrik Blak did not understand that it was far from being to his advantage.

- I trusted the blindly of my friend. It's damn me, which has helped him to be who he is today, " says Henrik Agreed to the Extra Blade and continues.

Throughout my life I have lived on, and I was so dedicated in my dream of becoming a musician, so I thought that if I got a fixed amount, so it was good. But he has made millions on the song, which in fact is mine, says Henrik Blak, who exactly signed a contact at 16.666,66 euros a month.

- Yes...there are many 6's. It is the work of the devil, he says with a bitter laugh.

As evidenced by the documentary, Henrik Blak in the day flat. Completely flat. The money from all the musician he had in 2016 are gone. He stands in the RKI and must sell it cool mærketøj, he bought at that time in order to afford to live.

- I try all the time to get the day out of the way. And so, I hope that skiff is facing. I am working still with the music and hope that I can make a new, great hit. But it is hard to be creative when the case against Besmir take up so much.

Right now both Henry Blak and Besmir Ismaili lawyers on the case, and after unsuccessful attempts to conclude a settlement, can the two former friends can easily end up in court against each other.

- Throughout this case has taken hard on me mentally. I'm a man with pride, so it is difficult to admit that I have been broken. But I have. Broken and stupid, says Henry Blak.

Blak can well remember how it was when it was really fun and he still had money. Photo: Louis Gretlund
the Extra Leaf would of course like to have spoken with Besmir Ismaili on the matter. He communicates through his lawyer, Karina Lind Bertelsen. In an email to Ekstra Bladet, she writes:

'Both Besmir and Flexmusic disagree in virtually all Blak's allegations in the programme, and we are very wondering to that Blak and his lawyer choose to involve a lawsuit, they have started yourself, in a television program while the case is pending. As long as the lawsuit is pending, we believe the court and not the press – is the proper forum to correct allegations against each other. We trust that the viewers well know, there are always two sides of a case. We have no further comments'.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the Money disappeared

Henrik Blak has tried to have the money between the hands, and with a little common sense and caution, he could still have had a little in the bank from 'Hold Mette's heyday.

- If I regret? Both and. I've damn sure never had money, so my friends and I got the wildest experiences, when I suddenly had. It was a wild time, where we are not lacking anything, " says Henry Blak, which has grown up in Nakskov in anything other than glamorous environment.

- On the other side, so it had been quite smart, if I had invested in something ongoing would be able to shed a little money. But I did not, and I don't want to go and use the time to undo, he says.

Easy comes - easy goes. Henrik Blak money quickly got the legs to go on. Photo: Louis Gretlund

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

To the terror and warning

Henrik Blak has a clear mission to stand forth with his story about the hit, he was scammed - and it is not pity.

- of course, I would like people to know the truth. And so, I would really like to warn others about the here industry. Many burn so much for the music - just like I did. So forget to sit properly into things. It can be an expensive pleasure, he says, and continues.

In a way, I feel that I as a known face have a responsibility. It is so important to inform, that not everyone will be a the best. It is a dirty industry, says Blak, who does not know if he will ever be able to forgive Besmir Ismaili.

Maybe an apology would help on it. I know it is not. But I know that I won't bother to go and hold grudges and be bitter the rest of my life, he says.

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