Woman with baby shot at with fireworks: - I have never been so scared

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 December 2019 Monday 12:00
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Woman with baby shot at with fireworks: - I have never been so scared

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- It's like a bad movie. I run with a screaming child on the arm towards my entrance and trying to get into.

Sunday night was a 30-year-old woman and her nine months old baby goal for a group of young men nytårskrudt outside the woman's home in the district of Hjortespring in Herlev.

the Woman fear that something similar can repeat itself, and therefore she wants to be anonymous. Ekstra Bladet is familiar with her identity.

the Woman tells, that she stood by her car with her baby on her arm and tried to get his dog with him. 8-10 young men stood nearby and shot the game on with the fireworks, and it made the dog nervous.

- Therefore, I shout my lungs full force, whether or not they want to take a break, because I have a baby on the arm. The results so that they shoot it directly towards me, while shouting 'fucking good new year'.

And I cries even more panicky, if they will stop, and so they do it again, telling the woman.

the 112 - 27. dec. 2019 - at. 19:20 Fireworks-war: Two people arrested

the Fireworks exploded approximately one and a half metres from the woman, before she reached unharmed into its ascent.

I have never been so scared in my life. It was so uncomfortable.

- If it was just me, so it was what it was, but I stand with a child, and I scream to them that I stand with a child, and so the dishes they it against me. That could have killed, she says.

The 30-year-old woman's experience is not unique. The last few days, especially on Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been several incidents where young people are shooting fireworks at random passers-by.

the 112 - 29. dec. 2019 - at. 15:39 After violent crash: Now grabs the police

Copenhagen is Ranked the Police confirm that they received a notification from the 30-year-old woman Sunday at 19.13.

Then search more politipatruljer the area without finding the young.

'It is a matter that Copenhagen is Ranked the Police take seriously and we would like to hear from the witnesses with knowledge of the matter.'

'To shoot after the other with fireworks are both dangerous and unacceptable – not least when it happens against a woman with a small child on the arm. I would like to emphasize that such cases as the starting point is a criminal offence, and that there will be run targeted to stop this tendency,' writes the inspector Flemming Madsen in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

the Police will also provide that, in a similar case from Herlev, denmark, has identified the two young boys of 16 years. The two are suspected to have shot fireworks towards the two girls.

This is police continue to investigate.

the Article continues under the picture ...

the Woman was standing by his car with his nine-month-old child and his dog, when a group of young people several times fired fireworks directly at her. Photo: Kenneth Meyer

The 30-year-old woman Sunday night was shot at with fireworks, has already taken the consequences of the violent episode.

- We have made all nytårsplaner on. We run home to my in-laws on the island of Fyn now here, for I shall not be here, she says.

She and the family also has plans to find another place to live after the new year.

- I should not have a child who must grow up in a place like here, where you can be fired.

- I have a beating heart, when I go down to my car now, even if there is no. It sits in the body and it will it to do long, she says.

the 112 - 27. dec. 2019 - at. 20:36 Doctor: Nytårsraketter can kill

the 112 - 27. dec. 2019 - at. 07:04 Fireworks-war in Nørrebro: - It is utrygt

Updated: 30.12.2019 12:00


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