Were left in the bitter cold on the deserted road

A few fans turned up to welcome the returning player feel free in the byggerodet in the Valley, where opvisningsbanen looks like a plowed field, and where the w

Were left in the bitter cold on the deserted road

A few fans turned up to welcome the returning player feel free in the byggerodet in the Valley, where opvisningsbanen looks like a plowed field, and where the w

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 February 2020 Saturday 20:00
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Were left in the bitter cold on the deserted road

A few fans turned up to welcome the returning player feel free in the byggerodet in the Valley, where opvisningsbanen looks like a plowed field, and where the water in the Odense River only seems to be centimeters away from flood stisystemet at the OB's clubhouse.

Kasper Larsen would like to thank the two for the attention and shows us the way through the corridors and out in the open, where we shoot some pictures. He signed with the club for just a month's time ago, but he knows the place inside out.

- here is How it has looked since the 1970s, says the 27-year-old player and pointing at the clubhouse, which will soon be replaced by a superligahus with state of the art facilities. A sign of the development that is underway in the illustrious club, and which has helped to lure Kasper Larsen home after five years abroad, where he among other things had to be left alone on a road in Kazakhstan. But more on that later. the

Larsen is known in the OB. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen
Stortalentet from the Sanderum is trained in the OB. The high defender was OB’is its landsholdsdebut at U16, its superligadebut in 2012 and took therefrom a springboard for a udlandskarriere.

Now he is back in time for Sunday to make up for the DIFF in hjemmekampen against Brøndby, when the premier League is back after winter break.

- A richer backdrop to his first fight will probably not? It will be exciting and fun, and it will be a challenge. And a bold opportunity to kick the season started, " says Kasper Larsen, who has signed a contract with OB in force until 2024.

the Team went into winter break with a series of defeat, and thirsting for redress and re-admission in the top six. Four defeats and a draw sweat in the Valley, but self-confidence has not suffered a crack, assesses Larsen after the first weeks with his new teammates.

- We are still only one point for the top six, so it's all been incredibly close in the table. We are well equipped for the fight against Brøndby, and I would like to personally prove that I'm ready for it here, " says Kasper Larsen, which is bought free of her contract with the Swedish Norrköping.

thus, He is not just picked up in passing. He is hand-picked.

- I'm flattered and proud that the OB would purchase my freedom at a time when I had a year and a half left of my contract with Norrköping, but it has not been an option, as I have searched.

I thanked first and foremost yes to an offer that was sportingly attractive - and it did not matter that it was my old club in my hometown, " says Kasper Larsen. the

He is looking forward to be in action. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen
the city has not shown itself from its best side on the latest. Drenched, grey, windy and cold. Most people can find an excuse to stay in doors.

- Not all days are equally amazing, obviously. It is always cooler to play football and work out in the sunshine than in the rain, but if the motivation lies in the fact that one will be the best you can be, then all of the external factors irrelevant, " says Kasper Larsen.

- It is my driving force, my motivation. I will be the best version of myself, and I can see that I have sent to me, and to my team moving, so it's all the motivation I need.

- This is what I have experienced here in the run-up. We have seen good out, strong out, and it has indgydet a confidence in the squad. And then it does not matter that it is raining or snowing or to track here outside of the door looks like a field, he says.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Pressure to become energy

OB is the lifeblood of Kasper Larsen, so, when he on Sunday runs into the Odense Stadium after five years abroad, there is a little extra on the game.

- I purchased home, and it increases the expectations from the outside. It puts a pressure on me, but I have learned to use it positively, " says Kasper Larsen. the

Kasper Larsen in action for the OB back in 2014. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

- the Pressure and expectations is intimidating, but it is also an energy, as one can learn to exploit.

- The best preparation for a fight is to know that you are in your best physical constitution. When you know that you are physically ready for the task, so they are also mentally well-equipped.

- I'm not nervous. I'm not timid. I feel the joy and enthusiasm. I have reviewed a good sportsmanship and personal development in recent years, and I hope it will continue here in OB, says Kasper Larsen.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Harsh lesson in Kazakhstan

Kasper Larsen's first udlandseventyr occurred to many people's surprise, in Kazakhstan, where he in February 2015 joined FC Astana on a one-year lease.

It was a wild adventure of good and evil, where I stood in a part slightly unpleasant situations along the way, " says Kasper Larsen.

I was alone in a remote part of the world, where all speak Russian, and where you did not meet with the same hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, as you are accustomed to at home.

- Purely sporting there was not much to be gained in Kazakhstan, for I was injured and played never an official match for the team, but purely human, I learned a lot. Under the circumstances, you learn to stand on their own feet, " says Kasper Larsen.

What was disagreeable at the time, today anecdotes that call a smile on your face. Then, after a medical visit were left in the bitter cold on a deserted road, because the driver suddenly had the opposite way.

- It is just a country where you do things in a different way, and where you can pay for the most part. So learn you damn, we have it very good here in denmark, " says Larsen.

After a few months in Kazakhstan, he returned for a short note back to the OB before I went to Groningen in the Netherlands. Away in 2018, Norrköping and now again back to Odense.

Kasper Larsen:

He is my former teammate here from OB (U15, ed.). An eminent footballer. I think his switch to Inter proves as a good move, for he is given a key role on the team.

I find it unfair that he has been hung out for doping on the basis of something that seems to be unfounded rumours. It is unfortunate for him.

She was the standard bearer at the indmarchen at the OLYMPICS in Rio, where I also was. I have great respect for her. She has had a great career and has been a good ambassador for Denmark.

It is good that there are people like him, who will support the sport and help it forward through funding and increased attention. It is the fat.

One of the best actors we have here at home. I have seen many movies and series with him, and I under him his success, for he is really skilled.

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