We hear the rats scream, fight and give birth to cubs

Peter Andreasen, have so far caught 20 rats in and around the nearby reason of Laurbærvænget in Tranbjerg south of Aarhus. One of them was so great, that it 'o

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18 January 2020 Saturday 12:00
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We hear the rats scream, fight and give birth to cubs

Peter Andreasen, have so far caught 20 rats in and around the nearby reason of Laurbærvænget in Tranbjerg south of Aarhus. One of them was so great, that it 'only' had a broken back, when he saw the lie in a trap, so he had to beat it to death with a hammer.

- My girlfriend and tvillingesønner is like I, myself, deeply frustrated, and we are reaching the point where we, unfortunately, have to give up and find another housing, says Peter Andreasen with - yet - a deep sigh.

Them - sigh and scream from rats - there have been many of since he and his family rented out in the 75 square meters large townhouse for just under 10 months ago.

- We can follow, when they have offspring and be beaten, and some times it sounds almost as if it is a fox that comes regularly on top of us, " says the 45-year-old family man and serviceassistent at the Marselisborg Gymnasium in Aarhus.

Peter Andreasen, is deeply frustrated that he and his family are the nearest neighbor to a rotterede, but he heifers by just to bend and move. Photo: Ernst van Norde

Among other things, because Peter Andreasen plans to retrain, watched it as the foot in the hose to his and her Nana Christensen's economy, as the couple could rent the townhouse of one of Peter's friends. At the time knew none of them, that they had settled close up a rotterede.

- We have fully protected this house against rats, among other fuglestop, net in the gutters and plastklodser, and when we moved in, we put new ceilings and new vapor barrier up. But it doesn't alter the fact that we almost constantly hear them crawling around in the tier of beams between ceiling and ground level and in the hulmurene, and Nana hears them screaming from the sewer, when she's out of smoking, says Peter Andreasen, who not alone to fight against the rats.

The mild winter provides universally used good conditions. Two great big skadedyrsbekæmpelsesfirmaer - Anticimex and Mortalin - saw at the end of 2019, significant increases in the number of rotteanmeldelser in several of the country's municipalities. Only in the Municipality of Kolding was there in October and november 1.000 reviews - so high has the number not been since 2015.

The highly uncomfortable situation in Tranbjerg is not immediately solve so easily. Aarhus Municipality and Rentokil has been at the rottereden four times, but they can't get rid of the pests, partly because the rats primarily at the ceiling, partly because the private property prevents them from entering in the mostly abandoned and dilapidated house joined, where several times observed the leftovers and old bread bags from the bakery spread out over reason.


- It is a paradise for the rats and a nightmare for us, and the matter is not improved by the fact that Aarhus Municipality is not doing anything effective about the problem, says Peter Andreasen, in the eight months he has known for rottereden, have refused to move. Both because rækkehusets price and the size fits so well to his and the family's needs, and because it will be associated with new costs having to tear up stakes.

Out of the way, it is evident that the house on the Laurbærvænget in Tranbjerg south of Aarhus, is neglected and dilapidated. It is also a paradise for rats, because the neighbors several times have observed the leftovers on the ground. Photo: Ernst van Norde

- But then there is also the principle aspect of the question; can it really be true that a single occupant, which is basically never at home, just can let his place turn into a rotterede, directly and indirectly destroy the life of a lot of neighbours and neighbours, without any intervene, ask Peter Andreasen, as several other residents at the Laurbærvænget have made several reports to Aarhus Municipality on the matter.

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the Neighbor does not respond

Ekstra Bladet has tried in vain to get in contact with the lone occupant in the rottereden. The same Peter Andreasen since the middle of december, and he has written a letter to the neighbor and put it in his door in case he comes home in the cover of darkness or at a time when no-one notices it.

the Situation has been so precarious, that Peter Andreasen and his family against their original plan left their homes in the holiday season.

- Who have the desire to sit and eat delicious food at the same time with, that you can hear the rats a few metres from us, says her Nana Christensen, who, as the latest example of the long-tailed rodents spreads, now also can hear them scratching against the walls for her and Peter's bedroom.

the Despair over the deadlock has become so significant that the family have recently been out to look at alternative housing.

Several of the residents on the Laurbærvænget in Tranbjerg south of Aarhus, only waiting, that the man and the owner of the house in the background is coming home, so they can have a dialogue with him about rotteplagen. Photo: Ernst van Norde

Peter Andreasen as within the neighbor with rottereden in the past weekend, where he for the first time in several months was home for a brief comment without responding to the letter in the door.

- He is nice and friendly and have said many times that he probably should have done something, but nothing happened. I have also said to him that he has been reported to the municipality, and he has not scrappy or been angry, says Peter Andreasen and beats of the moment arms.

- It is extremely disgusting and at the same time frustrating to sit powerless in the back. I have also said to him (the neighbor) that I would like to help him clean the house, but apparently he doesn't.

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Municipality: long case

A solution of rotteproblemet on Laurbærvej in Tranbjerg is not equal for, if you ask the city of Aarhus.

They have - as several residents - several times tried in vain to get in touch with the middle-aged man, as the owner rottereden, but virtually never at home.

- A case such as this are long-haired and takes a long time, when there is talk about a person who you can't get in touch with or get in the talk. On top of that, there is a part lovstof involved, which is not so straightforward.

- We have in a big city like Aarhus several cases of this nature, and they often end up in court, says Lene Nørskov Skjodt, who is funktionsleder for pest control in the city of Aarhus.

She does not want to comment further on the case because it just has a complex character.

- I can so far only say what I just said. From here we have to deal with the matter in writing, says Lene Nørskov Skjodt.

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How to avoid rats

By following some simple advice you can reduce the risk of rats invading your residence.

Rats are omnivores, which means that they quickly adapt to the local supply, whether it is grain, plants, kødrester or dog or cat food. Style, therefore no more food out for the dog or cat than they can eat. The same with bird food.

do not Throw the cooked vegetables or meat in the compost heap. Rats can live a long time in a compost bin without being detected. You can ensure your container by putting a plate or metal mesh in the bottom.


Rats do not like dog and cat, and they flee instinctively, if they are attacked by a dog or cat. Therefore it is a good idea to have livestock, if you have a risk of rats.

Rottesikring of udhuset is best done by ensuring that the rats can not put teeth into anything edible. You can achieve additional security by storing things in barrels and buckets or tubs with lids.

Remember that you have a duty to report to your municipality, if you see rats on your property, in your house or other places. Away is the municipality's obligation and the economic expense to make sure to combat the rats.

Sources: DR Organic Bolius and The animal ethical Council

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