Violent drama: - It is my fault

Since Friday night was contain even a section of the 'X Factor', it was Ankerstjernes turn to shave his groups down and select the five, as he would have with

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
07 February 2020 Friday 17:00
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Violent drama: - It is my fault

Since Friday night was contain even a section of the 'X Factor', it was Ankerstjernes turn to shave his groups down and select the five, as he would have with him at the bootcamp.

The first group that took to the stage, was the boys Jung & Bergmann with civil names Mike, and Jacob. They had in today's occasion chosen to make Dominic Fikes hit the '3 Nights'.

For their audition melted group the judges ' hearts when they sang 'Love Someone' by Lukas Graham, but unfortunately it went not quite as easy to Five Chair Challenge.

Only a few seconds in their song did their mentor, famous and best-selling, namely something drastic.

Stop, stop. Time out, cried he, to the great surprise of the two boys, who saw something worried and uncomprehending out.

- It was simply not the right thing, boys. It shall not do unto me. In could be a huge card for me. It is something else, we need. I shall sing something else for us, said a frustrated famous and best-selling.

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- I don't believe It, we can, said Zoe, who was clearly in a panic.

- It can In good. It shall not do to me, said famous and best-selling that went up to the boys on the stage and tried to encourage them to sing a new song.

the Group, however, had no desire to sing a new song, and kept, therefore, fixed in their original choice.

- the Boys say that they should be allowed to sing the song they have chosen. I would rather hear you sing something else, but okay. It should be on your terms. It's damn fine. Respect for you to know what you want. In may just give them some love, for it is I who creates it here drama, said famous and best-selling then addressed to the audience.

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we started the group to sing again - now with more power than before. It however did not, to the judges was still somewhat critical of their performance.

- In was any of them, as they remembered from the audition as one of the strongest groups. In came with the charm, and there was something direktehed. Right now it will be quite complicated. There is a big clear-up operation, said Oh Land.

- It is just disappointment with disappointment on. How is it, said the Culture, while a frustrated famous and best-selling added:

- My heart beats, and it must guide me. I must go with my feeling, said famous and best-selling, despite the group's difficulties, chose to give them a chair and a chance further in the 'X Factor'.

They were, however, not allowed to be seated in the when the shortly after the wreck of another group, and thus they must see their 'X Factor'-adventure end much earlier than they had anticipated.

For Extra Magazine telling famous and best-selling, that it was a very intense experience to sit in the dommerstolen in Friday's section.

- It is more intense tonight, for it is a combination of trying to see the potential in the talent pool in my category, while at the same time there is a throbbing brain, there sits and thinks about the other two judges, Five Chair Challenges and the talents, that is smoked out of them, says famous and best-selling, and continues:

- All resources were put in the time, and I'm really thinking of each and every one of my participants, if they can withstand the pressure. You must be able to thrive under the pressure, as it is to be part of 'the X Factor'. It's not just about talent. It's also about being able to fold up when you stand in front of an audience, he says.

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According to the famous and best-selling had he high expectations for just Jung & Bergmann, after they had impressed for their audition. But expectations were unfortunately not met.

- They were in many ways one of the most obvious groups. I have a whole day with them within Five Chair, and I tried to shake a little in them to see how they are. That said, I know that they were very stuck in their thing. They were not so loose. It scared me a little, he says, and continues:

- It was part of the reason why I try to push to them. May be someone who grabs a ball and runs with it? Can handle the pressure?, he says on.

the Group gave it more gas, after they began to sing the second time. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

famous and best-selling tells, that it was also, therefore, he challenged Jung & Bergmann under Five Chair Challenge.

- I try, if they can find something else, and I explain the audience that they must be loving, because it is me making the drama. It is my fault that it ends up like that, but I'd like to see them take it and come out of the rock. It must be, he says, and continues:

- Everything is a test to see if they can go the distance, and there they fell through. But I'm still convinced that they can be totally good, if they loosen a little more up. It can be something wild, he stresses.

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- But you can understand if the boys thought it was a really uncomfortable situation, and that they felt exposed?

I can certainly understand. But I think it is a part of the premise. All those who make up the 'X Factor', has a dream to get the music to become something else. But it is also a part of the work to test them and find out if they are ready for it. And you should be able to throw out its plans and to find something new in the moment.

- of Course, it is uncomfortable. But there are many performances that are, say, famous and best-selling during the Five Chair Challenge chose to remove the whole of the two chairs.

Thus he can even put together two groups.

Ekstra Bladet would have liked to have asked Jung & Bergmann, how they experienced the whole situation, but unfortunately, they have not wanted to put up for interview in connection with their 'X Factor'-participation.

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