View the photos: the Fed tombstone for Thick

Danish celebrity - 16. nov. 2019 - at. 15:51 Bubber reveals: Has made the nurse pregnant The Danish musician, entertainer and radio host Morten Lindberg – as

View the photos: the Fed tombstone for Thick

Danish celebrity - 16. nov. 2019 - at. 15:51 Bubber reveals: Has made the nurse pregnant The Danish musician, entertainer and radio host Morten Lindberg – as

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 November 2019 Saturday 17:00
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View the photos: the Fed tombstone for Thick

Danish celebrity - 16. nov. 2019 - at. 15:51 Bubber reveals: Has made the nurse pregnant

The Danish musician, entertainer and radio host Morten Lindberg – as they are the most well-known better by the stage name of Master Fatman - died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday 26. march 2019.

The great american actor was only 53 years old, and since the middle of april has the urn with his remains remained at the Cemetery. And now – well seven months after the bisættelsen – Master Fatman got his tombstone. And it is not an ordinary one.

the Stone is carved in marble in Italy and depicts Morten Lindberg, and it leaves no doubt as to who rests for ever under it.

There is no doubt about who rests under a marble gravestone. Photo: Henning Hjorth

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the Tombstone, created by the artist John Kørner. He has many years ago made a miniature version of the figure, and he believes that the new figure is right in their spirit. The he says to Ekstra Bladet.

- Morten Lindberg was my really good friend, and I think it is a really good memory of him, he says, and tells of the thoughts, he made himself, before he created the figure.

- That he sits in the full-figure at the Cemetery with a small smile on doing, to the people who knew him - or them, who was happy for his radio broadcasts, tv shows and other things - can go by and remember him in a good way.

John Kørner (the man in the orange jacket and red scarf) decorated and colorful chest, as Master Fatman earlier in the year was like . Photo: Anthon Unger

John Kørner, who also decorated the fatman's chest, feeling sure that his friend would have been happy with the result:

- I have previously made the little Master Fatman-figure, which he was very fond of. So I'm not for a second doubt that he would be happy.

the Deceased Master Fatman had many talents

* Name: Morten Lindberg, known by the stage name of Master Fatman.

* Age: 53 years (born 24. september, 1965).

* place of Birth: Munkebo on Funen.

* Career: Artist, singer, dj, tv host, radio host, film director, television participant, lecturer and bankovært.

the Master Fatman broke through in the 1980s, where he became a household name with his interpretations of old discoklassikere. It came with livebandet MasterFatman and his Freedom Fighters, and later with the album 'Hail Hail'.

In 1992, he made his debut as a film director with the film 'Gayniggers from Outer Space'.

he has Since appeared in numerous tv programs, including 'Dancing With the stars' and 'Dinner At'.

in recent years he has also entertained radiolytterne with programs such as 'JAZZmosfæren' on P8 Jazz and 'Croque Monsieur' at Radio24syv.

* Marital status: Married.

In 2009, he met his wife, Herminia Mabunda, during a concert at the Roskilde Festival. They were married the year after and has since had four children.

the Master Fatman also has the adult son of William from a previous relationship.

* place of Residence: Copenhagen, denmark.

Sources: Ritzau and newspaper Politiken.

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Some suggest that John Kørner has hit right in trying to find something in the Master fatman's spirit.

While the Extra Magazine issued take pictures of the gravestone, there are constantly people passing by, who just must have a look at the new addition to the cemetery.

'It's just in his spirit' and 'the fit absolutely perfect in the picture one remembers of him' sounds from several of the people who came by to get a glimpse.

well-Known Master fatman's adopted sister: A gift to meet him

The plan was, to Master Fatman was to be celebrated with the concert 'Thick Notes' in the Royal Arena the 8. december, where a large number of major Danish artists would come to play.

in the Middle of november it was announced in a press release that the concert is only being played on the 29. march 2020 – a few days after årsdagens of his death. Moreover, the concert moved to the somewhat less DR's concert hall.

- We have rejoiced tremendously to the concert, which we have organized in the name of love for our good friend, 'Thick'. Unfortunately we have had to true that december is a busy month, and that juleræset put an end to the participation of many.

- the Intent of this tribute is to spread the good karma and the joy to as many people as possible, and therefore we have had to take the difficult decision to postpone the concert. We hope that everyone who already bought the ticket, instead have the opportunity and desire to attend on the new date, said Jacob Gurevitsch from the association Master fatman's Friends in the press release.

Mikael Bertelsen and Simon Christmas will be the hosts for hyldestkoncerten for the spring. The concert is organized by the association of Master fatman's Friends, and the profits goes to Morten Lindberg's survivors.

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--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Rikke Rasmussen, with her friend India. Photo: Henning Hjorth

- I think it is nice. It is a little strange that it is him that is there – without having to be there. It fits perfectly with his image, without that I know too much to him, but in any case, the things you heard about him, says Rikke.

- I have met him several times. He has been with for events around the city, and you have said hello and welcomed him, because he was just so happy a man. He has just been a part of the things that have happened. When I was little, I was also home by him, where I made a drawing for his daughter.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Line Bork seems that the gravestone is beautiful. Photo: Henning Hjorth

- of Course, should he have one. It is as clear. I wonder what he would think about it? There is something guru-status of it, and I don't think that he would have placed himself there. But I like it.

- I did not know him personally, but I have followed him for many years – in radio programmes and the kind of. There should be more people in the world that speak the type of message, which he did.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Maja Bech Gregersen is also impressed by the result. She tells that she knew him peripherally. - Some of my friends were cosmic devoted of him in 2014, and he has several times made banko events in the cafe Space, which is a part of Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, where he also has done several things.

- It is absolutely beautiful. The fit really perfect to the image he had. They have really hit spot on. There is missing just a little vegetation around, so playing it completely, but I wonder if it will come.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

- We think it is the fed. He was the epitome of love, jazz, and the way to live in the world, so it fits perfectly in his image. It could not have been other than it. It is absolutely perfect.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Mirka Isomäki came to Denmark 14 years ago. - That I learned the Master Fatman to know - of course not personally. But I have followed him, and I'm even yogainstruktør. Photo: Henning Hjorth

- I think that it is made right in his spirit. I am very impressed that his family has found this solution, for he died so suddenly. It is very fine.

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