Vandalism against 50 cars: bullshit

the Air was thick with oaths and curses, since a large number of car owners on Saturday morning discovered that they had been victims of a major vandalism. at

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 February 2020 Saturday 09:00
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Vandalism against 50 cars: bullshit

the Air was thick with oaths and curses, since a large number of car owners on Saturday morning discovered that they had been victims of a major vandalism.

at Least 50 cars on several parking lots around the Åmoseparken in Esbjerg got the night of Saturday tires cut up, the side mirrors torn off, windshields smashed, and long scratches in the paintwork.

Anne-Grethe of Good has been cut three tires with a knife. Photo: Christer Holte

- This is bullshit, crap, shit, it sounded roundly from the 70-year-old Anne-Grethe Good. The perpetrators with a knife punctured three of the vehicle's tires.

- I am sick to death of it here. My mood is damn' also dotted now. There has to my knowledge never been anything similar here in the neighborhood. Now, you start to wonder, when hærværksfolkene come again, says the 70-year-old woman to Ekstra Bladet.

the Rumors about who may be behind the extensive vandalism, svirrer already in the residential.

- But I will not participate in. You should not judge anyone in advance, says Anne-Grethe Good.

Tommy Gregersen in time to change the tires. Photo: Christer Holte

By the side of Anne-Grethe Good car is a 42-year-old Tommy Gregersen at the knees. He is like lots of other citizens in the neighborhood by to change the tires after the night's trials and tribulations.

I am quite so upset over it here. They should have a few with it here, says Gregersen, and keep the heavy wrench above.

the Police believe that it is the same perpetrators, who are behind the vandalism on the cars.

- Why do people do such a thing. I feel completely powerless over, that the other will apparently determine when I should run in my own car. Usually there are never problems here in the area. But there have actually been a part of vandalism against cars since the beginning of January, tells the 50-year-old Benny Juel, which itself has been punctured two tires.

- It is simply too bad, and I hope that the police now get hold of the perpetrators.

Benny Juel is insured, and when there is talk about the so-called seriehærværk, so he and the other car owners probably held harmless.

- But there is still a lot of inconvenience associated with it here, he says.

Per Federsen look at, while the tires on one of his cars will be switched. A total of seven tires on the three cars have been destroyed in the night. Photo: Christer Holte

Particularly furious is Per Federsen and his wife, Jeanett Wolff.

- We have destroyed seven of the tires on our three cars. It is simply hjernedødt, when people behave like this. I would like to have met the perpetrators in the night, so...

Photo: Christer Holte

Both the police and the SOS Danish Service had Saturday morning busy in the large area.

- We have the entire morning towed cars. We are here with three cars. There is a rather large act of vandalism, says autoredder Jørn Johansen from SOS roadside assistance services, before he rolls away with a second car on the back.

SOS Danish roadside assistance services ran shuttles with hærværksramte cars.

In græsrabatten is 55-year-old Annette Nielsen, back. There was no space for the collection of her car in this game. And the woman is in a hurry to get to work.

- I am in tears over here. But I got cheap with only three broken decks. Others have gotten both windscreens smashed and wing mirrors torn off, " she says, and shakes his head.

- here is a very rough vandalism, which we take very seriously.

Vagtchef at the South Jutland Police Torben Møller says to Ekstra Bladet, the police puts great efforts into to get the vandalism on the cars cleared quickly.

- There is not only talk about great values. There is also talk that the vandalism has gone out of so many cars, and it is an aggravating circumstance. It has taken a long time to carry out the vandalism, so the perpetrators have had plenty of time to think about. Even if they have been drunk or affected by different substances.

the Police stood Saturday with a noon without the crucial clues of the perpetrators.

- We are currently in the area with, among other things dogs to search for clues and to ensure these. We hear a lot from people, which can contribute to the elucidation of this matter, says Torben Møller to Ekstra Bladet.

It is even impossible to make up, how much damage total will run up.

Photo: Christer Holte

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