Using the large amount of money: - I have been a ticking time bomb

This past year, blogger and tv-the celebrity Mascha Vang has been on the boligjagt. For daily she lives in Kolding with his girlfriend, Troels Krohn Dehli, an

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Ann McDonald
03 February 2020 Monday 23:00
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Using the large amount of money: - I have been a ticking time bomb

This past year, blogger and tv-the celebrity Mascha Vang has been on the boligjagt.

For daily she lives in Kolding with his girlfriend, Troels Krohn Dehli, and their sammenbragte children, but in virtue of his work, she uses a lot of time in Copenhagen.

Why has Mascha Vang has long been looking for a home in Copenhagen, and she has now finally found.

she writes on her blog.

the Apartment, which Mascha Vang now has chosen to invest in, is 74 m2, newly renovated and located in Copenhagen - more specific on the Queen's Tværgade - close to Kongens Nytorv and the marble church.

4.7 million has Mascha Vang had to fork out to get your fingers in the apartment, which is located at the address Mascha Vang've always dreamed about to settle down on.

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But the road to finding the perfect apartment has been long for the 40-year-old Mascha Vang.

'Because I own a house in Kolding, the apartment should be without residency requirements, and there are quite a, quite a few of in Copenhagen K, as it is new apartments, which can get the status, or apartments that are newly built in old buildings, where none previously lived. As soon as someone has had the address of the domicile, the one with the residency requirements and so must therefore live there or rent the place out. I am not interested in. In the years I've looked, there have been quite a few of the status for sale, and some of them have been in poor condition, or in a part of town that has had my interest', she writes on her blog, and continues:

'I have actually been a ticking time bomb in the well 7 weeks, because there has been so much hassle and noel with the deal, that I sometimes wondered if it was karma trying to tell me I had to drop it. But I did not, and now it's MINE!', she writes on.

Mascha Vang lives on a daily basis with his girlfriend, Zoe, in Kolding, denmark together with her daughter and Troels' children. Photo: Mogens Flindt

For Extra Magazine tells Mascha Vang, she is extremely happy over the fact that the trade has gone home, and that she can now call themselves lejlighedsejer.

- It is simply so delightful. It has been a struggle beyond the usual, because there have been so many things, the opportunity, here, has had to live up to with the location, residency requirements, and all this stuff, " she says, and continues:

- So it is such a relief that it has succeeded. There are so many things I have not participated in the past, because it has been too confusing.

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According to Mascha Vang she comes now to be able to make a wide variety of concerns on the shelf.

- It is going really to help on the stress levels. You no longer have to worry about to reach the last train home to Kolding at 21 and pay the cashier for the public transport. You just have more freedom, and I have a place where we can be, when there is a need for it. I feel that I get the best of both worlds. I'm getting a home right in the cosy little corner in the city, I've always wanted me, and so I have family life at home in Kolding, denmark, she says and continues:

- I could manage not to continue to stay at the hotel. It would probably be cheaper in the length than to buy the apartment, but I don't want to stay in a suitcase. It has been too annoying. And it has been a very big contrast for me to move from Copenhagen to Kolding, and it here makes it just that much easier.

Mascha Vang looking forward to be able to move into the new apartment, where she only comes to stay from time to time. Photo: Mogens Flindt

According to Mascha Vang she also sees the purchase of the apartment as a future investment for her daughter, Hollie Nolia.

- It is definitely a future investment, as I too have been thinking in the long term, it could be something, Hollie Nolia can use in connection with any study. There are not so many apartments in Copenhagen, and this was a really good guess with the right location.

Mascha Vang has already got the key to the apartment, and now look, she just to start to redecorate the new home:

- I've already got the key, so now there should just be organized.

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