Ups! Permanent secretary-forgotten shed in the garden

A ommer. the Authorities require more answers and new explanations from the permanent secretary in the ministry of finance, Jens Brøchner, in the construction

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 February 2020 Tuesday 06:00
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Ups! Permanent secretary-forgotten shed in the garden

A ommer.

the Authorities require more answers and new explanations from the permanent secretary in the ministry of finance, Jens Brøchner, in the construction project, which has already plagued the country's top official in fiscal matters.

It appears by an exchange of letters between the director and Odsherred Municipality's Center for Engineering and the Environment, which Ekstra Bladet has had access to.

Here is asking the municipality Brøchner to ”clarify the application of the building” - a 24 square meters large annexe which the director is not pre-applied for permission to build on its sommerhusgrund in Rørvig.

Besides, the municipality's inspectors discovered several problems on departementschefens reason, it appears of access to the file:

There is a shed which is not registered anywhere. The same applies to the covered terrace in the extension of the cottage. And it does not go.

Here you can see the shed and the cottage with a covered terrace. Photo: Anthon Unger

”in Addition, we can see that the site is a paved area and an outbuilding, which is not registered”, type Odsherred municipality, asking the director to bring order in the cases.

”All buildings should be recorded in the BBR (Building and Boligregistret, ed.), also the buildings that can be set up without permission”, stresses the municipality.

the Municipality byggechef has already publicly criticized, the director of last year began to build the annex without prior planning permission.

According to Brøchner itself is the annexe to the ”temporary stay and to play and computer games, etc.”.

But the municipality has the director written that the annex belongs in the category ”garage, carports, outbuildings and similar”, and therefore the clubs themselves now, with increasing intensity in the neck at the municipality.

the Case came in the first instance to the local authority's knowledge because of the Extra Magazine in the detection of Brøchners the use of unregistered labour force from Lithuania.

the Contractor complied with nor tax otherwise blatant demands for signage on the construction site, where you can see who is doing the work on the site.

Signs-rule is introduced in order to get undeclared work to life – and, incidentally, signed by Jens Brøchner itself.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Brøchners lawyer: We are firm

head of Department, Jens Brøchners 24-square-foot annex is just a shed.

How does it sound from the departementschefens lawyer, Henrik Østergaard.

the Annex is divided into two separate compartments, each fitted with a double glazed door and window to the rear and with exit to the terrace.

There is already a shed on the plot, and Jens Brøchner has publicly stressed that the annex is to, for example, play and computer games.

But Henrik Østergaard believes that everything is peachy, even if you first applied for a building permit when the construction was long gone in time.

'We are in the process of searching for a building permit for it here, and that is what the case is about', he says.

it Was a mistake, that you have not sought planning permission first?

'Not according to our opinion'.

Faced In real that what is being built, a shed for tools and the tool, and not to the people?

'We are determined that it is not for residential purposes'.

One can understand from the municipality that they consider a dependence as a "guest house"?

'the Municipality has their opinion, we have, in our opinion. We do not believe that the shed would be used for residential purposes, and therefore we do not believe that we need to apply for planning permission. And I don't think that I have so many more comments', says the lawyer.

Just one more thing, you have discovered an outbuilding on the site as not registered, and it must so now...

'... I have no more comments'.

Why is it not registered?

'... but thank you for calling, hello'.

1) the Use of unregistered craftsmen from Lithuania

2) No statutory parting at the site of who is doing the work

3) No obtaining of the building permit

4) Unrecorded outbuilding on the grounds of our holiday homes

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