United legend shocks in the new video

Reparationsdruk in red wine and sensitive piano wearing only an open dressing-gown, and kingdoms. How to have most probably seen Eric Cantona before, besides

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 February 2020 Monday 15:00
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United legend shocks in the new video

Reparationsdruk in red wine and sensitive piano wearing only an open dressing-gown, and kingdoms.

How to have most probably seen Eric Cantona before, besides maybe just those who know him on a daily basis. But it's probably not something anyone would be outright sad to see.

In each case it is the concept of the seasoned british rock madman and former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallaghers latest music video, where two of the 90's the largest enfant terribles beats join forces in the video for the nostalgic single 'Once'.

Selection from the music video that landed on Youtube on Friday. One of the two is a picture, is enough to impress itself in the memory of both football and Liam Gallagher fans. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Both the instrumental has shared the teaser on their Instagram profile. The briton complements with hyldende words to Cantona, which he calls 'the last real rock 'n' roll-player'.

the Video was from the launch on Friday seen over a million times on Youtube over the weekend and accumulated over half a million likes on both Instagram profiles.

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I \ ’m absolutely thrilled to have Eric Cantona, the last Rock n roll footballer, star in my video for ‘Once’. Songs like this don't come around very often and neither do football players like him the LG x . . @ericcantona Dir. @charlielightening

A lookup shared of Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) the

In what looks like a five and a half minutes long one-take, gives Cantona the suffering king in a half-empty mansion. He gets filled rødvinsglasset up by Gallagher in the unfamiliar role as butler and pretends otherwise on the music, while he reels through the house, empties the glass, puts himself at the piano and get bællet loose of a new bottle of red wine.

the Song concludes with that he put kongekåbe and crown, moves out on the balcony and let the song end with the memorable image of him, that the top extends a finger toward the sky.

I am convinced that this is Cantonas morgenrutine, it sounds in one of the most 'likede' comments on Youtube.

On the internet there are been speculated a lot in, about the surprising collaboration was an impulsive idea from the Gallagher camp, after Cantona in december had shared an Instagram tribute to the song as he let the blow out of the speakers in his home. A totally bad idea, it was not in the least.

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When two Manchester legends meet. "Once" my song of the year! @liamgallagher

A spread shared by Eric Cantona (@ericcantona) the

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Both have been controversial on their own show, albeit with certain similarities.

Gallagher has been equally known for his music as for the impetuous drunken stupors, megalomania and fights. Now he's gradually become 47 years old and has moved out of the soft and melancholy end of his otherwise not too wide-ranging repertoire.

the Frenchman, who was tituleret 'King Eric' by manchester United fans, has also been equally known for his skills with a football as all sorts of other things, among other things, its artistic tendencies, fondness for wine, and, yes, fights. After karrierestoppet fortunately, most of the first thing.

As for the video, he's been hired to do, what he apparently does best.

The unorthodox garnered nearly always had the appearance to be able to play a shakespearsk king. For some months back was Cantona also in focus, after he to this autumn's Champions League draw, let be clear that he had a soft spot for the English playwright and by the same token, leaving most viewers a bit puzzled.

In any case, there was very silently in the hall, after he is on the stage, when asked what he was thinking, began to quote Shakespeare-the tragedy of King Lear - 'they kill us for fun' - and then end off in some apocalyptic prophecies about a future of war and destruction.

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For Danish Gallagher-fans is the timing on the new video convenient, as the singer at the time of writing has Copenhagen as its next tour destination. On Tuesday evening he plays the concert in Forum Black Box.

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