Unheard of: Fredes cool ferieslør

today begins the youth OLYMPICS in Switzerland. It knew you might not, but it does crown prince Frederik! He has cleared the calendar - and now hold fast in

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 January 2020 Friday 03:00
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Unheard of: Fredes cool ferieslør

today begins the youth OLYMPICS in Switzerland.

It knew you might not, but it does crown prince Frederik!

He has cleared the calendar - and now hold fast in the coming 14 days, when the only programme in the coming of the king official plan is OLYMPICS-related.

13 out of 14 days stands as the only appointments in his calendar, that he attends the youth OLYMPICS. Tuesday 14. January is there a point further, for here the crown prince participate in the IOC's Sustainability and Legacy Comission meeting, since he is a member of The International Olympic Committee.

Very convenient for the busy prince held youth OLYMPIC games in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is located barely one and a half hour drive from Verbier, where Frederik and Mary's four heirs, Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, this week started in the school.

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It is quite unheard of, that the 51-year-old crown prince Frederik has 14 working days in a row! And even more unheard of, that he participate in a vintersportsbegivenhed so many days. It tells the author and kongehusekspert Søren Jakobsen.

- well I will question what he is doing for the youth OLYMPICS. The crown prince and his wife have just sent their children to the school in Verbier, which is located nearby, says Søren Jakobsen for Extra Magazine and continues.

One thing is that the kids go to school and and ski in Switzerland, but it is here with the OLYMPICS seems like a somewhat laid-back the misconduct of the crown prince, I must say. He obviously has some obligations to The Olympic Committee, of which he is a member of, but he opens up for the possibility of meeting a lot of criticism here. For what is it that is going on in Switzerland? What will the children in the school, and why he has owned a house there for ten years, without any have known it, says kongehuseksperten and doubt openly whether the crown prince really is at work the next 14 days.

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Søren Jakobsen does not hesitate to call the crown prince's unusually long participation in the youth OLYMPICS 'a totally unnecessary time waster'.

Had it been a film in China of a week's duration, it had been a long time, but edible. It is here with the OLYMPICS is completely out of proportion, and he is open to meeting a lot of criticism in the beginning of the year, which would be positive with the queen's round birthday and some such things. I think that it seems as if he gets anything done ferieslør out of it here, he says.

- do you Think that he had been away for 14 days to youth OLYMPICS, if it had been in Argentina or Canada?

- No. It is only because it is in the vicinity of Verbier, and it is also why it is a big misunderstanding. It is a waste of his time, the view Søren Jakobsen.

on Monday asked the crown prince couple and their children up to the photo, before the royal children were in school. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
Ekstra sportskommentator Jan Jensen has covered the OLYMPICS several times. He also believes that the royal participation in the youth OLYMPIC games in 14 days is unprecedented.

- I will say that it is rare that someone from the royal family attending such a long time for a winter OLYMPICS. And so to the youth OLYMPICS, where Denmark is so weak, he says.

Jan Jensen explains that when the last winter OLYMPICS for adult athletes, attended the crown prince also, but the button on many days. He interrupted his participation in the OLYMPIC games in Sochi, to take on ski trips with his family.

According to crown prince Frederik's calendar of 2014, he was at the OLYMPICS from 7. to 8. February and again from the 17. 22. Only 4. and 17. February is his OLYMPIC participation, however, plot into the royal family's official calendar. 4. February stands thus:

'the H. K. H. crown prince participating in the Winter OLYMPICS in Sochi, Russia the 4.-8. February and the 17.-22. February'.

Sports - 4. jan. 2020 - pm. 19:53 the crown prince dropped the sport's big gala event

Denmark poses to start at the youth OLYMPIC games in Lausanne with 26 athletes. They will compete in ice hockey, curling, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and skeleton.

For Ekstra Bladet informs the royal family, to crown prince Frederik as IOC member has been in the steering committee behind the planning of the youth OLYMPIC games in Lausanne. Therefore, will the crown prince Frederik also follow the progress of the games close, and especially following the Danish participants. In addition, crown prince Frederik of denmark IOC member perform several ceremonial functions, as has been the case at other games.

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