Tyndhudede Liverpool fans attacking the Danish TV-host

It is not hard to get a fanbase on the back of the neck, if you put you out with their idols, it has presenter and former footballer Dan Sørensen had to true.

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 03:00
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Tyndhudede Liverpool fans attacking the Danish TV-host

It is not hard to get a fanbase on the back of the neck, if you put you out with their idols, it has presenter and former footballer Dan Sørensen had to true.

Should fanbasen be so huge, as the Liverpool can boast of, so burn the comments box enough faster than the witch to the midsummer.

Twisten between the two parties is to be found in the football match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton in the Premier League. This is the first season that the league take videokendelser in use with the so-called 'Video Assistant Referee' in use. The implementation has, to say the least shared waters.

- It has changed football for ever, it has been a completely different game with the changes, says Dan Smith.

Dan Sorensen has come in stormy weather on Twitter

It does not hide in his tweet during the fight between the two teams. where there are sown a little doubt on the validity of the championship, Liverpool are expected to win this summer. In two crucial sequences got Liverpool a goal with them after browsing, while Wolverhampton had to deliver a goal back after videodommerens armpit-tape measure had been in action.

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- fortunately, This is not a real championship, Liverpool win. HAD it been another game, writes Dan Sørensen in his tweet.

Red is usually a color, as Liverpool-fans associate with joy, but this time it could suggest to any of them in the higher level had been red with rage that anyone could dare to doubt the validity of their potential championship.

- I have set bonfires and fire in time with the tweet. They are to write. It is 100% secure a well-deserved championship, they are clearly the best team, but it have the energy I need to write.

the Message was written with a twinkle in his eye, of course, is that a real championship, but I believe, however, in fact, that the soccer ball has changed because of WAS. The new technology will fill much more than their title, says Dan Smith.

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Wolverhampton Pedro Neto and teammates were convinced that they had come in front at 1-0, before WAS's lines found portugiseren on the wrong side of the offside line. Photo: Paul Ellis/Ritzau Scanpix

Liverpool fans have been diligent to send greetings in the former Vejle-the player's direction.

- shut up, where are you stupid to hear on evil in the ass much?

- Embarrassing Tweet of an incompetent presenter.

- You reached the year's dumbest comment. Well done.

the Glimpse of the Dance of the eyes can, however, be harder to spot, since he is guilty of being a fan of Liverpool ærkerivaler Manchester United. He admits, however, that Liverpool is very far from to have his sympathy, but he may well follow some of their frustration.

- after all, They have not won a championship in 30 years - and it must be terrible, but it is the game, to their Twitter army hazards up over the smallest. You must be very careful to take them over the toes, they are a little tyndhudede, says Dan Smith.

- It is fine enough for Liverpool to win a trophy. All the Liverpool fans who have been completely out of the picture in the right, many, many years. They taste finally the success. But it is too bad for them, it is, of course, that you're not going to talk about, that it was the first time in 30 years that Liverpool won the championship. You're going to talk more about how much WAS filled.

do you Think so?

- of course, We should just have the proportions in place, but just try to see how many there are talking about WAS. It becomes like a subordinate clause, where we say that by the way, so it was also the season, Liverpool won their first championship in 30 years.

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