Trouble in the Pallet-wings: the Wreck shortly before the WORLD cup match

See also: 34-year-old sports journalist, died on christmas eve About a month Mogens Citizens popular and uncrowned boksestjerne, 30-year-old Sarah Mahfoud, tr

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27 December 2019 Friday 22:00
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Trouble in the Pallet-wings: the Wreck shortly before the WORLD cup match

See also: 34-year-old sports journalist, died on christmas eve

About a month Mogens Citizens popular and uncrowned boksestjerne, 30-year-old Sarah Mahfoud, try to win the title as Denmark's first IBF world champion in a WORLD championship match against world champion Brenda Carabajal from Argentina.

A CHAMPIONSHIP belt that will be the crowning of the undefeated Mahfoud, there 1. February must be in the ring for his indisputable greatest battle.

But it is, however, without boksetræner Steen F. Sørensen in ringhjørnet – and, incidentally, also without an assistant coach Steffen and the usual cutman Mads Sørensen.

For just one month before his life's challenge has Mahfoud chosen to reject his entire training team to the benefit of the bahamanske heavyweight 47-year-old Sherman Williams, who shortly before christmas, traveled from his residence in Florida, USA, to Copenhagen to act boksetræner for the Danish WORLD cup-hope.

A decision which has come back of Steen Sørensen, which would otherwise have followed Sarah all the way – that is, until now.

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Steen F. Sørensen is no longer in the ringhjørnet with Sarah Mahfoud. Photo: Jonas Olufson

- It came a little suddenly for me, but it was obviously what she thought, she had use for, say, Steen Sørensen of the breach and adds:

- But one should not train with me, if you don't feel like it. On the led I am well pleased. I don't know Sherman, and I am also not about Sarah do – but Mogens Palle know him ... I hope he can give her what I know she has needs.

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Sarah Mahfoud on the way into the ring with his now former coach Steen F. Sørensen. Photos: Jonas Olufson

- I know that she has fought hard to reach the fight. I know that Sarah can win if she has a grip on his nerves and can stay on track, says Sarah Mahfouds now former boksetræner Steen Sørensen, who has been wreck a month before the big WORLD cup-bang. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Enerolisa De Leon was an opponent in the latest fight. Photo: Jonas Olufson

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Sarah change coach before his most important battle. It may seem a little risky with just a month to fight night ... What are you thinking about?

- Yes, I also said even for her. But she felt to return, she needed it. The most important thing is, she feels dressed in the best way possible for the WORLD cup match.

It surprised you?

- Sarah has bokset nine matches and won them all. She has developed all the way through. If, on the other hand had been with a defeat and a little headwind on the way, so I would easily be able to understand it, but she has won all of its matches, while I have trained her.

- however, I am sure, she will probably be the world champion, stresses Steen Sørensen in spite of everything.

What are you thinking about to be switched out just one month before the WORLD cup-the dream – a large and prestigious WORLD cup match?

- I'm annoyed that we have not come together in the goal, even if the most important thing is that Sarah comes into the goal – and if she becomes world champion, I am well pleased.

May Sherman, since better prepare Sarah Mahfoud in a WORLD cup match, than you can?

- No, the match Steen Sørensen promptly.

it Feels so a little ungrateful?

- Yes, it does it then. It can feel unrewarding when you get near the wreck, says Steen Sørensen, who therefore naturally ask themselves:

- Should I have spent all the time on it? Time I could have spent on other ... It can not be avoided, to the time I have spent on Sarah, other had to pay for – f.ex. my family or other boxers in the club (HSK, ed.).

- If she did not feel she was happy with it, she got with me, so I am annoyed to have spent all the time on it.

- For it is hard to fathom, that there must be other forces, when you have won all of the boxing matches. And I'm quite sure that she would have been world champion with me in the ringhjørnet, says Steen Sørensen.

Sarah Mahfoud and Mogens Palle to stand together. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

Sports and Games Swear eternal fidelity

whether Sherman Williams on the good one month can reach to contribute with something new is doubtful, believe Mahfouds now former coach.

- Purely technical and slagteknisk he can't reach to change anything. Maybe he can give her some moral support, as I can't ... But I just find it difficult to imagine.

it May be difficult to develop a close relationship, when the Sherman is only in Denmark some months at a time?

I asked her: ’so What, when he goes home? Who should train you?’ But it may she even find out she had not just answers. It is not safe, it is completely thought out, ending Steen Sørensen.

says Sarah Mahfoud on trænerskiftet:

- I am, as you know, moved to Copenhagen, and in relation to my upcoming WORLD cup match it is connected with the fact that I like to be able to work out on my terms, so it fits into my program up to so important a battle. It is just easier to be able to work out also in the daytime. Mogens Palle has offered me, that Sherman could come and train me, and I thought that was really exciting, because he comes up with a completely different background in comparison to boxing with his flat-from the UNITED states. He has at the same time, even bokset against some really big names in his own active career, says Sarah Mahfoud bl.a. in a press release.

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