Town hall-kitchen for the million: Now it is torn down

the town Hall in Vordingborg Municipality of copenhagen - one of Denmark's financially strapped municipalities - has in recent years been given a facelift for

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
27 December 2019 Friday 12:00
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Town hall-kitchen for the million: Now it is torn down

the town Hall in Vordingborg Municipality of copenhagen - one of Denmark's financially strapped municipalities - has in recent years been given a facelift for the 13 million. crowns.

Among other things, the town hall as late as in the year installed a brand new kitchen for € 2.4 million. crowns for the use of the town hall employees. But now the whole of the municipal glory levelled with the ground, and made for the car park.

Although there is allocated eur 5.7 million. the demolition of Vordingborg town Hall, the work of the builders are still hard with the renovation on site. Photo: Per Rasmussen

The demolition of the town hall should cost € 5.7 million. crowns, and the old town hall will be replaced with a new, state of the art city hall, as the next four years will cost taxpayers 120 million. crowns.

Left as the only party opposed to the building of the new town hall, and therefore are not included in the budget agreement for 2020.

Broadly speaking then, the municipality has no money for it. You go out and borrow money and take money from the cash balance in the municipality in order to finance the new city hall, says city councillor and 2. deputy mayor Michael Seiding Larsen (V).

The many millions of dollars to the new town hall was found in this year's budget deal in October. It happened, just three days after the ministry of the Interior had pledged 12 million. støttekroner to the dire state of the municipality in the form of a særtilskud.

With the budget agreement will kommunekassen over four years 56,44 million. crowns poorer, but it is especially the decision to tear the old hall down, as, according to Michael Seiding Larsen is nonsensical.

- The wildest is, of course, seen that the old town hall be demolished, and that there should be parking spaces in the site, says Left-the man.

It is not, because the Left believes, there can be used additional parking spaces in Vordingborg. But the old town hall is assessed to have a value of over 11 million. kr.

The money says the dire state of the municipality i.e. no to, while at the same time politicians will spend € 5.7 million. dollars to tear it down.

- It seems we are screaming completely to heaven, and we believe it is the careless use of citizens ' money, says Michael Seiding Larsen.

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There are used 13 million. dollars on renovations for the past six years, so there is no longer remarks from the labour inspectorate at the town hall. Photo: Per Rasmussen

the Mayor of Vordingborg, Mikael Smed (S), acknowledges that the previous decision to renovate the old town hall is a vexed priority of the citizens ' money, when you now going to tear it down. He sees no other way out.

- now, When you are not in the former municipal council could agree on to build a new town hall, as was the need to correct some of the problems that are here. Unfortunately, looking still into some big costs, if you have to have the whole town hall up to date in relation to the building regulations, there is today, and in proportion to the desire we have, that it must also be the citizens ' house. We can not in the framework, there is here, he says.

- I've got a new kitchen so late as in the year to € 2.4 million. crowns. You can understand if there are any, who think it is a little strange that such a new kitchen just to be torn down?

I can certainly understand, but conversely, one must also say, that if there are some employees who have a canteen, which must be used, then the canteen also meet the requirements.

- It is really, really too bad that you did not previously make a comprehensive decision. It had made the construction process significantly cheaper, he says.

He refers to that is previously not taken a decision on the total renovation of the old town hall, but only a few different patches to make the working environment better.

the Expansion of the kitchen due to there not built canteen in the municipality's new Citizen service center, says the mayor.

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Mayor Mikael Smed believes that a new city hall is necessary in order to ensure the best service to the citizens of the municipality. Photo: Per Rasmussen

- The money In have got to the well-being, they form part of your calculations and the money, In the has set of the new town hall?

- No, they are included in the calculations we have in relation to all our areas. We are going to use 15 million. crowns extra on the specialized socialområde, and we've got 12 million. dollars as the particularly difficult circumstances of the municipality, so there is the money already spent, he says.

- So you think you can defend to the citizens that the money being spent on welfare?

- Yes, I can certainly well defend. They do, says Mikael Smed.

In the Left believes that a continued renovation of the current town hall would be sufficient. The party proposed in their budget proposal for the period 2020-2023 to use 24 million. over the four-year renovation.

Vordingborg Municipality is not the only municipality that has received the ministry of the Economy and the ministry of the interior economic stimulus and subsequently found money for projects that don't come to citizens ' welfare directly.

Extra Magazine revealed recently that Rødovre Municipality has leased a big Mercedes to the mayor. In addition, the municipality will use to 800,000 kroner on to move a stone and 1 million. dollars on a big screen in the local ice hockey arena, while at the same time they save on the care of older people.

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Previously used the cultural committee in Rødovre Municipality many thousands of dollars on a trip to Iceland, which among other things led them past the turistattraktionen The Blue Lagoon.

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