This year's top 100: The historic gold

See also: the Year's 100 greatest: A crazy result in the final See also: the Year's 100 greatest: Mirakelmageren against Switzerland See also: the Year's

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
31 December 2019 Tuesday 07:00
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This year's top 100: The historic gold

See also: the Year's 100 greatest: A crazy result in the final

See also: the Year's 100 greatest: Mirakelmageren against Switzerland

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the Extra Leaf has ventured one eye and put together a list of the 100 greatest Danish sporting successes on the international scene in the past year.

It is subjective and is governed by some criteria, you can be both agree and disagree with that. For it is necessary in a discipline that is like comparing apple and pears.

the Sport's prevalence, combined with the hardness of the resistance during the process is essential. You will be a world champion in pétanque, valuing it not quite as much as the WORLD cup gold medal in cycling or swimming. Have you set a world record along the way damage it is also not the location...

today we count down from number 100 to number 81 on the list. You will the following days be able to see who squeezes himself into further on in the list.

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No 20: Kevin Magnussen, Formula 1, sixth place in the Australia

the Dane opened the season on the best show with an excellent run in Melbourne.

- I can't say what we are the rest of the season. But this week yes. We were ‘best of the rest’, said Kevin Magnussen to Ekstra Bladet.

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No. 19: Lasse Norman Hansen, Casper Folsach, championships, the WORLD championships in cooperation

With 13 laps once again led the danes against Germany and Belgium in a thrilling finale.

The germans managed to go past, while Norman and Folsach held the other behind him.

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No. 18: Anders Antonsen, badminton Indonesia Masters

A perfect week for the useedede dane, who first beat Son Wan Ho, ago Jonathan Christie in the semi-final and final mesterstykket with victory over Kento Momota in three sets in the final.

- To beat Kento in the finals is absolutely fantastic. He is the best player in the world right now, and it was my first final in a Super 500 tournament. I'm really happy, he said.

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No. 17: Letvægtsfireren, rowing, WORLD cup-bronze

OL-the ticket was in the house with finalepladsen, but Lark Berg, Christina Johansen, Ida Gørtz and Frida Sanggaard wanted more and got the bronze medal at the event in Ottensheim.

Four seconds after the medal winners from Australia.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 16: Team Esbjerg, handball, the final of the EHF Cup

Five wins and a draw in the group stage was followed up by a totally clear total victory over the Russian Kuban Krasnodar in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals, it was landsmændene from the Herning-Ikast, in particular in managed in Esbjerg got the ears in the machine.

First in the finals had to Esbjerg give lost opposite the Hungarian Siofók. After 21-21 in Denmark lost the Danish top team managed in the first 26-21.

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No. 15: Bjørn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, ballroom dancing, olympic gold

his Career ended in the coolest way for the duo, who won eight of the ten dance in their last WORLD cup and thus secured themselves the WORLD championship triumph at number ten.

- I was already concerned, since I went on the floor. I thought, ' now is the now, and that I was even touched, and had to take me along. Ashli was completely finished subsequent, and tårerene rolled.

- We have made it here since we were small, said Bjorn Bitsch.

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No. 14: Cathrine Dufour, dressurridning, wins the Sweden Horse Show

89,455 points in dressurens hardest discipline, freestyle, and a detachment of a seksdobbelt OLYMPICS-gold medalist showed with all possible clarity, that the Danish Dufour, and the gelding Cassidy belongs to the world elite, when they won it big, international competition in Stockholm.

the Opponents were the other dressurryttere on verdensranglistens the top ten.

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No. 13: William Rune, tennis, winner of sæsonfinalen

He was injured along the way in sæsonfinalerne in China, but there was apparently nothing that could stop the Danish stortalent.

He played on and ended up winning the tournament for the season's best players.

the Victory meant even that he ended the year – and his entire juniortid as the number one in the world.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 12: Sverri Nielsen, rowing, WORLD championships-silver in the single sculls

In an excruciatingly close final was faroese Nielsen just so close to gold, as he was to lose his silver medal. Sverri had won two World Cup races earlier in the season and secured himself an OLYMPIC ticket already in the WORLD cup semifinals.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 11: Kasper Asgreen, road cycling, second place in Flanders Around

As a locomotive tonsede the Danish debutant off. First, as the teams for his crew, since in a arbejdsraseri on the last 20 kilometres away, where he toiled in order to download Italian Alberto Bettiol.

It was not successful, but young Asgreen was in class this Sunday afternoon, where he held some of the world's best cyclists behind him.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 10: Rajbek Bisultanov, refraction, EM-gold in the 82 kg class

The 23-year-old Herning-break was tremendously strong in the final, where he led 4-1 along the way.

the Opponent Lasha Gobadze was reduced two times, but Rajbek managed with a formidable finish to keep the lead.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 9: Lin Ea Cenholt/Christian Peter Lübeck, Nacra 17 WORLD championship-silver

the Duo had a really good week and was third in the Medal Race. The possibility of gold was present when the australian boat failed. It was silver, as Italy, despite everything turned out for the express.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 8: Michael Christensen, motorsport, WORLD cup gold in the GTE-class with Kevin Esters

With a final ninth place in the Le Mans ensured he and his partner Kevin Esters the overall WORLD cup title in their Porsche GT.

This after having won at Fuji in October and achieved top rankings in the Spa (twice), Silverstone, Shanghai and Sebring.

- It was a little more exciting ending than I wanted to, but it was insanely fat, said the 28-year-old fabrikskører to TV 2 after the end of Le Mans.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 7: Jacob Fuglsang, road cycling, second place and third place – overall winner of the Dauphiné

Third place, ninth place and sixth place on three of the first six stages brought the team up in the standings, before he on the seventh stage, was second after being beaten on the line of Wout Poels.

It brought Jakob Fuglsang in the lead of the race before the last stage, in which he defended his yellow jersey in a brilliant way.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 6: Anders Antonsen, badminton, WORLD cup silver

A drømmeuge got a nightmarish ending for Antonsen, who had played dazzling on its way to the WORLD cup final.

Thus was the painter Chen Long knocked in place in the quarterfinals. But Kento Momota won 21-9, 21-3 in a humiliating finale.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 5: Leon Madsen, speedway, WORLD cup silver

Three wins, two second places and two third-place finishers, and double-digit points in eight of the two races did Leon Madsen to one of the world's best speedway riders in 2019. But especially the fiasco in las vegas in the fall meant that he just did not reach up to the Polish Bartosz Zmarzlik.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 4: Jakob Fuglsang, road cycling, Liege-Bastogne-Liege

With 15 kilometres to the goal showed Fuglsang, who was in charge.

the Favourite Julien Alaphilippe was simply planted on a harsh increase, and the few riders who could follow him, was soon after shaken by the.

from Here stormed silkeborgenseren irresistibly toward the goal in Liege.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No. 3: Anne-Marie Rindom, sailing, WORLD championship gold in the Laser Radial

In the japanese waters was Rindom, despite a tough start to the week excellent and delivered all seven top 10 rankings including two first places in 11 races. She secured gold on the second to last sailing.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

No 2: the men's team, handball WORLD championship-gold

After a straightforward group stage with five wins in five matches, where the neighbors from Norway was the closest to with a 30-26, Hungary and Egypt defeated in the mellemrunden, within a complete great 2. half of the match against Sweden showed, that the Danish national team very well could go all the way.

the Swedes were beaten 30-26 after the 13-13 at the break.

then followed the incredible semi-final against France, there was even more playing in Hamburg, before finalesejren and the historic gold were secured at home in Herning, denmark against Norway in a regular overhaul.

France were beaten 38-30 - Norway 31-23!

This was the first WORLD cup medal to a Danish A-national team in 22 years is a fact.

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