The year's 100 greatest: Mirakelmageren against Switzerland

the Extra Leaf has ventured one eye and put together a list of the 100 greatest Danish sporting successes on the international scene in the past year. It is s

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
28 December 2019 Saturday 07:00
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The year's 100 greatest: Mirakelmageren against Switzerland

the Extra Leaf has ventured one eye and put together a list of the 100 greatest Danish sporting successes on the international scene in the past year.

It is subjective and is governed by some criteria, you can be both agree and disagree with that. For it is necessary in a discipline that is like comparing apple and pears.

the Sport's prevalence, combined with the hardness of the resistance during the process is essential. You will be a world champion in pétanque, valuing it not quite as much as the WORLD cup gold medal in cycling or swimming. Have you set a world record along the way damage it is also not the location...

today we count down from number 100 to number 81 on the list. You will the following days be able to see who squeezes himself into further on in the list.

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No. 80: Mikkel Jensen, motorsport, wins the Le Mans series LMP3 class

Three wins and a second place in the six departments was plenty for Danish Mikkel Jensen and German Jens Petersen to win the Le Mans series LMP3 cars for their EuroInternational-crew.

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79: Rasmus Højgaard, golf, Mauritius Open Photo: Jens Dresling

After the playoffs with the two rivals won the just 18-year-old Højgaard European Tour-the tournament a short time after having qualified for the Tour. Rasmus Højgaard is the only European Tour winner, who is born in this millennium.

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The topseedede danes beat the previous winners of the All England, Ivanov and Sozonov, in the semifinals.

In the final were English Ellis and Langridge, however, too great a mouthful for last year's winners of the China Open.

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77: Banelandsholdet championships, the World Cup victory in holdforfølgelsesløb in Glasgow Photo: Vincent Jannink/EPA/Ritzau Scanpix

After the triumph in Minsk continued the four guys Lasse Norman, Julius Johansen, Frederik Madsen and Rasmus Pedersen triumftoget and won the World Cup's second chamber with the cup of Italy.

Again, the danes were a bad start, but after the first 1000 meters to be hauled on the opponent, and with 1000 meters again led the with a little second.

They rounded the 4000 metres in 3.49.246 minutes.

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76: Mia Blichfeldt, badminton, gold at the European Games in the ladies ' Photo: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Nice win for the dane in an otherwise somewhat teeth field of european mid-range players. Blichfeldt, however, showed the class in several matches – including the final against scottish Kirsty Gilmour, who was beaten in two sets.

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75: Martin Damsbo, Stephan Hansen and Mads Knudsen, archery, World Cup-silver in Berlin Photo credit: Ivan Boll/Ritzau Scanpix

After the triumph in Antalya in may, the Danish gentlemen again in the final. But this time it was the French team of highly.

A poor Danish start was of vital importance that you ended up losing 230-228.

Previously, Denmark had beaten the Turkish hosts as well as verdensranglistens number one, the UNITED states, in the semifinals.

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74: Mik Stampe and Carsten W. Hansen, bowling, EM-gold in the doubles Photo credit: Denmark's Bowling Federation

Fought in the semi-final as fjerdebedste companionship of the 92 starters. Here, they are certainly landsmændene Jesper Agerbo and Thomas Larsen 377-362. In the finals were even more sovereign, when a Finnish couple were defeated 472-418.

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73: Jeanette Ottesen, swimming, seventh place finish at the WORLD championships in the 50 metres butterfly Photo: Jens Dresling

Was back on the biggest stage after the birth and the maternity one and a half years earlier. Ottesen delivered a excellent time 25,76 seconds, which might not secured a medal – but showed that she still belongs to the world elite.

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72: Emma Aastrand Jørgensen, canoe, bronze at the European Games in the 500 m sprint Photo: Linda Johansen

She qualified number five in the semi-finals but rowed up and took the bronze – the same day as she won gold in the 200 metres-the distance.

In the final, she had a piece up to the front – but at the same time was not threatened from behind.

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71: Lucas Bjerregaard, golf, 16. place in the US PGA Championship Photo credit: Julio Cortez/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

Delivered a highlight with his hole in one on 17. hole on the final day after four days, the team delivered steady with rounds of 71, 69, 70, and finally 73 battles in New York. Touch Brooks Koepka could the dane, however, is not. The american was 11 strokes better.

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70: Christian Lundgaard, Formula 3, winner in Hungary Photo: Nanna Navntoft/Ritzau Scanpix

He ended as number six, but the Danish stortalent provided some super race at Silverstone, the Hungaroring and Spa in the summer - especially Hungary, it was fine.

For the second time in the season qualifying, he is in the fastest time, ran ago fastest lap and won the race.

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69: Anne Laursen/Maja Jager/Randi Degn, archery, silver at the European Games in the recurve team Photo: Thomas Emil Sørensen/Ritzau Scanpix

They were ranked the worst performers of the eight participating countries but did increased the favorites from Russia in the quarter-finals.

After the clear defeat to the later guldvindere from great Britain in the semi-final, beating the Danish trip Germany 5-4 after the 27-26 in a thrilling shoot off.

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68: Jakob Fuglsang, road cycling, 5. stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico and overall third place Photo: Dario Belingheri/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

A ninth and fourth place was trumped by the victory on the violently rolling 5. stage for the dane, who advanced to the overall third place.

The location kept him to the end in San Benedetto Del Tronto.

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67: Kevin Magnussen, Formula 1, ninth place in Russia Photo: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

A general really good race of the team was foiled by a time penalty, Haas-the team certainly did not agree with.

- Good start, good first stint, decent second stint and a lortestraf, said Magnussen brief to the press afterwards. the

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66: the men's team, fencing, EM-silver foil Photo credit: Marius Becker/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

For the first time in history ensured the quartet Denmark european championship medals in Dusseldorf, en Ukraine, the swiss world champions and Estonia one by one was sent out.

First in the finals had the danes stretch the arms to the russians, who won after a horror end.

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65: Team Holstebro in the final four in the EHF Cup – the 2018-19 season Photo: Frank Molter/dpa/Ritzau Scanpix

Came just ahead of the group in the last fight and beat ago Hungarian Tatabánya with two goals overall.

In the semi-final was THW Kiel too big a mouthful, and FC Porto the same in bronzekampen.

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64: Martin Damsbo, Stephan Hansen and Mads Knudsen, archery World Cup gold in Antalya Photo credit: Ivan Boll/Ritzau Scanpix

the Trio showed its international sections, as they beat Turkey 232-230 in the finals after having beaten Austria, Mexico and Russia prior to this.

They had even been behind along the way, but the experienced Martin Damsbo finished the nice with a tier.

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63: Kasper Schmeichel, soccer, EM-kval. against Switzerland Photo: Jens Dresling

judging from the game and chances, it was undeserved, that Denmark beat Switzerland in the Park.

But the goalkeeper saves count as familiar also, and He showed that he belongs to the absolute world, with numerous super-rescues along the way.

Especially in the five-minute overtime, when he got a hold of Thomas Delaneys header towards his own goal.

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62: Michael Valgren, road race, sixth place at the WORLD cup in linjeløb Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Despite the biting cold and bad stomach managed the star to stay in the WORLD cup-the field and take a nice sixth place.

He called it subsequent to the ’one of the worst days on the bike’. So is it crazy to be six...

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61: Anna Emilie Møller, athletics, 23 EM-gold Photo: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Dane left not competitors an earthly chance, when she with a hard pace set them to the wall in a one-sided race.

the Time 9.27.31 was her second fastest ever – and at the same time mesterskabsrekord.

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