The stars lean: Respect for She tears

HERNING, denmark (Ekstra Bladet): Caroline Wozniacki gave los for emotion and had to dab the tears from the corner of his eye, as she during the big gala show S

The stars lean: Respect for She tears

HERNING, denmark (Ekstra Bladet): Caroline Wozniacki gave los for emotion and had to dab the tears from the corner of his eye, as she during the big gala show S

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
06 January 2020 Monday 01:00
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The stars lean: Respect for She tears

HERNING, denmark (Ekstra Bladet): Caroline Wozniacki gave los for emotion and had to dab the tears from the corner of his eye, as she during the big gala show Sport 2019 at the Danish broadcasting participated in a video link from New Zealand.

With his career end just around the corner and allowed Wozniacki to give a glimpse of all the emotions, which is actually going on in the body, now where identity as a tennis player must give way.

It was refreshing and surprising at the same time to see the page of Caroline Wozniacki, and en Ekstra Bladet after the show met some of the sport's biggest stars, it was 'Miss Sunshines' tears made an impression.

world Champion in cycling, Mads Pedersen, has just been married to Lisette Pedersen. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

- I can easily understand what it was. We give so many hours to it here, and when I look at other practitioners that are presented to look back at a long career, then I think automatically of how I would tackle such a thing, said the world champion in road cycling, Mads Pedersen.

- You have to understand that she has spent all his life on the here. Started when she could barely lift the racket. People who are grateful of on a stage on the way, has spent the whole life on it, and it is clear it will be with a lump in my throat to say goodbye

She will be honored completely overwhelming for a crazy career and look at a clip where she as 12-year-old says that she will win a grand slam and be number one. She did it. Hats off to it. She must be honoured, and it is natural to be touched, said Mads Pedersen.

Nikolaj Markussen (number two from the left). Photo: Jens Dresling

- It has certainly been a decision to stop, there have been severe for her to take. When it does come there, she gets set to look back on all the great things she has achieved and experienced, it is impossible not to be touched.

- It was beautiful to see one who has fought all his life for a dream, and which also have achieved it and done it with style. It was beautiful to see, said the world champion in handball Nicolaj Marcussen.

Lars Høgh (th) is the father of television host Josephine Hoegh, who were married just before the new year with Lasse Sjørslev. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

- I could well recognize it from the end of my own career, if there appeared a little unexpected people up with some good words for one. It can lift some things and put a little in the stomach of one and arouse some feelings you had not anticipated.

- It was cool to see. She is a great sportswoman and a great human being, said the former Danish landsholdsmålmand in the football goalkeeper Lars Høgh.

Peter Schmeichel to the right. Photo: Ole Steen

- People think that living a life where you get time to think about all the things you do, and analyze them. This is not the case. Especially not a career like Caroline She, in which she plays a tournament, finish and so on to the next, noted Peter Schmeichel european championship winner in 1992 with the fodboldlandsholdet.

- You never get time to sit down and analyse and rationalise over the things you have done. The time to get after the career, and the beginning to a moment which here, where it gets thrown into the head of the one with a cascade of impressions from a whole career, a lifetime, he said.

- It is something completely different than to be honored for performance in the course of the year. Without belittling it, then it's a part of it, she is. A price has an impact, but yet not, because there is always the next tournament, where there must be the maximum, to be the price worthy. It is an ever rotating wheel.

- It runs right up until the day the not is with more. To start with you don't want to look back and reflect, because it is important to carve out a new existence, a new life. But after a while you begin to look back on it, you have been a part of, and understand the importance of it. Understand what it has meant. What makes people to turn up to a show as a Sport 2019. What makes people to meet up at tennisarenaer. And we touched over, when it goes up for one, said Peter Schmeichel.

- It is the exact moment where it goes up to you what you have done. It allows you just not to think about when one is in progress, there is a need for everything to be invested in the next moment. You can't sit and think about how good you are, you found Peter Schmeichel.

Niels Fredborg, Denmark's lone gold medalist at the OLYMPICS in Munich 1972, is full of respect for Caroline, She decision to end his career.

The old cykelhelt, which in addition to the gold medal she won both the OLYMPIC silver and OLYMPIC bronze, does not believe that Denmark have fully understood how big a name she's out in the world.

- During a holiday in Mallorca, I came with my daughter past the tennis courts, where the island's major tennisnavn, Rafael Nadal, began his career. We played a set on the same course, and afterwards I had to lose give a drink in the bar, tells Niels Fredborg.

- Since we are in the bar and were asked where we came from, and told him that we were from Denmark, it sounded just Wozniacki, Wozniacki.

- Although she has taken Denmark to themselves, we do not take her to the us in the same way.

- She is one of the largest, and in class, for example. Michael Laudrup and Allan Simonsen, and so on. While I myself, in the comparison has not been something, he smiled.

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