The sacking of Klavs Bruun came too late

has repeatedly said that he will not be the trainer for any price. It is else many have suspected him for that. I think, however, what he said, when he before t

The sacking of Klavs Bruun came too late

has repeatedly said that he will not be the trainer for any price. It is else many have suspected him for that. I think, however, what he said, when he before t

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
08 January 2020 Wednesday 16:00
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The sacking of Klavs Bruun came too late

has repeatedly said that he will not be the trainer for any price. It is else many have suspected him for that. I think, however, what he said, when he before the just ended WORLD cup in Japan in an interview with Ekstra Bladet let understand that he would quit as coach if not Denmark came on from the initial group stage.

It managed his national team and thus, it seemed that he could continue in the job. But since it ended with a disappointing ninth place and even a maria qualification for the OLYMPICS, went DHF, with the team he will play Morten Henriksen in the lead, in the thinking box. That had to be evaluated. And today came the result so. Klavs Bruun is finished as coach of the Danish defense can also touch.

so whether he has ever been the right choice? I doubt it is still on. He joined with brask and bram in 2015 and told that it should now be connect with dalliances on the national team. Now it should all be about the handball. But the results not provided.

the WORLD cup on home soil in the same year was a disappointment, which was followed by a maria qualification for the OLYMPICS in Rio in 2016. It caused a huge letter from the players.

Klavs Bruun was verbally beaten by the squad, who only took the points with which all players agree.

was bl.a. criticized for tactical inability, lack of alternative to a defense that requires a physics, he criticized them for not being in possession of at the same time that he had canceled a physical test in the beginning of his job.

There was asked the big question mandskabspleje, the building of culture and complained about the lack of confidence, the sparse communication and the lack of respect from Klavs Bruun and the then assistant Søren Herskind.

Klavs Bruun is finished as a national coach. Photo: Lars Poulsen
PLAYERS was tired of via the press to get to know, they were in bad shape with a condescending allusion to, that they should not lie on the beach for two months during the summer. They blamed landstrænerens defensive attitude against Montenegro in the OLYMPICS-the anguish that he had not grasped how important the fight for fifth place against Russia at the WORLD cup in fact, was.

Since came further disappointment on disappointment. Only at the european championships in Sweden in 2016, Denmark has been in the vicinity of the medals. It ended with an honorable fourth place. The year after, we became witnesses to the still incomprehensible defeat to Sweden at the WORLD championships-the quarter-finals in Germany in 2017.

the downturn occurred at the european championships in France in 2018, where the players looked like dead fish in the eyes, and where the team ran into a number of serious defeats. After the blamage wrote Ekstra Bladet, that it was hard to believe Klavs Bruun Jørgensen's project. It was at this time that DHF should have pulled the plug.

the Sacking of Klavs Bruun came a year too late. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
You may wonder why it has not happened. But an explanation may be that the associated and Klavs Bruun Jørgensen just before the WORLD cup in 2017 entered into an agreement to extend his contract. It had been wiser to wait until after the WORLD cup. It had happened, was perhaps cooperation has already joined two years ago.

and Klavs Bruun was never a perfect combination. No doubt that he has big håndboldfaglige qualifications, but they do have enough best in the lead for a men's championship.

BRUUNE SENTENCE: How did l. it

the 2015 WORLD cup in Denmark: Denmark no. 6 (if you fail)

Denmark beats Sweden 26-19 in ottendedelsfinalen, but loses 30-31 to Romania in the quarter-finals. Losing the battle for fifth place to Russia 21-25, and the players slander subsequently, the national coach that he was not aware how important the fifth place was. Denmark would have come in a group with two european teams.

2016 OLYMPIC qualification in Denmark: Denmark knocked out (if you fail)

the national Team opens with 25-32 against Romania, and then the ballet is almost over. The team lost 22-26 to Montenegro and win 38-17 over Uruguay. Denmark comes in spite of the home in Aarhus is not for the OLYMPICS in Rio.

2016: the Players ' evaluation (First)

the Extra Leaf can in may reveal that the players in a three-page long evaluation outweighed by Klavs Bruun Jørgensen for. L. will be simply disassembled. The most curious point is that he, up to the first OLYMPICS-kvalkamp against Romania have shown old vhs videos of the DM-finals in 1997, where Virum with the national coach and Søren Herskind win the gold over Ajax.

the Players ask: Why should they see a five minute video of Romania and 50 minutes of a DM-finale? The opposite might have been more optimal!

2016 european championship in Sweden: Denmark number 4 (shots)

Here comes the only definite success! A EM after the OLYMPICS, carries always the imprint of the worn out and stopped the players. Denmark wins the rub and stub in the group with the Czech republic, Montenegro and Hungary and drags maximum points to mellemrunden, and after the matches against Norway, 20-22, Russia, 26-26, Romania 21-17 waiting for the Netherlands in the semifinals 22-26. The team loses bronzekampen to France 22-25.

2017 WORLD cup in Germany: Denmark, number 6 (if you fail)

DHF extension a week before the finals with the national coach, so the contract runs three years to summer 2021. Denmark to progress from group stage with Montenegro 24-31, Japan 32-18, Tunisia 37-19, Brazil 22-20 and Russia 27-32. Beats Germany in ottendedelsfinalen 21-17 and losing to Sweden in the quarterfinals 23-26 in a fight, they had all the chances to win.

2018 european championship in France: Denmark number 8 (if you fail)

Denmark opens with a 30-29 over Sweden, when Sandra Toft picks Nathalie Hagman on penalties after the time and turn then Poland 28-21. Losing to a narrow Serbian team 25-30, goes in mellemrunden and slaps together against France 23-29 and Russia 21-32. The team travels and show the morality of 24-23 over Montenegro in the final match.

2019 WORLD cup in Japan: Denmark, number 9 (First)

Denmark comes limping in time with the WORLD cup after storsejren over Australia. 26-26 against south Korea, 25-26 against Germany and 24-18 over Brazil puts the team under pressure: Only a victory over the French european and world champions sends the team into the main tournament. The national team, with a once storspillende Sandra Toft in the goal to win 20-18.

the Team loses then to a afbudsramt Norway 19-22, but win 27-24 over the Netherlands and as ’just’ win over Serbia in order to send itself on to a battle for seventh place. They play 26-26, and the dream of the OLYMPICS in Tokyo next summer is killed.

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