The potential pregnant and single

Life does not always go as one has planned it. Things may suddenly take an unexpected turn when you least expect it, and this is precisely what Simone Skaanin

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26 January 2020 Sunday 15:00
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The potential pregnant and single

Life does not always go as one has planned it.

Things may suddenly take an unexpected turn when you least expect it, and this is precisely what Simone Skaaning Frederiksen from the second season of 'Ex on the Beach' experienced between christmas and new year.

'It is not always that things go as planned. But when it is said, so I am very happy. My christmas and new year has been filled with the greatest joy and also the greatest sorrow. I have never been in such an ambivalent situation before. First, I find out that I am pregnant and I am thinking enough: Well she has no boyfriend? No, perfectly correct', writes Simone on his Instagram profile.

'Subsequent, I am holding a wonderful christmas eve and then waking up to a not-so-great news: My parents are divorcing. Here I sit, 30 years old, an only child, pregnant and now my parents are separated? That hurt. But when it is said, so I would rather have, that they are happy with each other than not. As you all probably can figure out, I have chosen to keep the child. I'm going solo on this', she continues.

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Simone is very pleased that the little new comes to the world for the summer. Photo: Mogens Flindt.

Simone says that she and the father are talking well together, even though they are not a couple, and that they have jointly decided that Simone should be alenemor.

- the Father is one, I have seen some times, but we were not lovers or anything, and we are not. The main thing is just that we can talk together about things, which we can. He was of course very surprised by it, because I was told that I was pregnant, but he has taken it all really nice. All due respect to him, explains Simone for Extra Magazine, and elaborates:

- He has given the statement that it is not just the priority for him to have a child, but he can well understand, if I want to do this, and therefore it is me who will be alenemor. So, the plan is not, he must be inundated. In any case as it looks now here.

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Simone has shared the joyful news on Instagram with this picture. Private.

There is no doubt that it was as much of a shock for Simone as for the father of the child, when she at the end of december, found out that she was pregnant, despite the fact that she was on the minipiller. Yet she had no difficulty in deciding what she wanted for the future.

- Since I found out about it, and I was quite shocked. Who was running many thoughts through my head, but it was not a difficult choice, I would keep the child. Of course, it is not at all drømmescenariet to stand alone, but I have been previously to some studies, where I got to know that I would probably find it difficult to get children in a natural way. Therefore, it was even more surprising that I had been pregnant at the minipiller, she explains.

- I had been told that it would be difficult for me to be pregnant, was clearly one of the factors that played into when the decision was taken. Likewise, the fills I'm 31 years and I have steady work, income, opportunity, and good people around with. The things also played a role, she continues and adds:

- I will do my best to live up to, that I am alenemor. This means, fortunately, that I do not necessarily need to be alone for the rest of his life. I have forward 2. august, so I have a few days ago been to nakkefoldescanning and seen that all is well. On the next Sunday, I'm going to kønsscanning. It's all a big upheaval, and I probably can't put myself into it, before the day comes, but I am game very.

Simone says, that the father of the child does not have starred in a reality or other tv.

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