The next step towards the total sexfrihed

Maybe the combined VR and onanirør-gadget Virtual Mate next step on the road to total sexfrihed, where we can get it exactly as we want. Perhaps making us lon

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
18 September 2019 Wednesday 15:01
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The next step towards the total sexfrihed

Maybe the combined VR and onanirør-gadget Virtual Mate next step on the road to total sexfrihed, where we can get it exactly as we want.

Perhaps making us lonely and alienated. Perhaps it is just another puffed up onanimaskine that is outdated before it comes in use.

In any case, is the kingpin behind the Virtual Mate, Jeff Dillon, great in battle, when he tells what his invention can:

- Virtual Mate is real time interaction with a true-to-life virtual figure.

currently, he and his San Francisco-based start up in time to crowdfunde on where it appears that the Virtual Mate is in the trade already from the 1. december, just in time for the christmas presents.


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And what is it for size?

firstly, a VR-set, where the digital versions of well-known pornstar appearing on a bluetooth-connected, self-heating masturbation-tube, which moves in tandem with what is now happening in VR video.

But according to Dillon, there is even more at stake:

- the System's artificial intelligence will know the user's name, habits, likes and dislikes. It will be impossible to distinguish the real from the fake.

Masturbation tube, called The Core, teaches according to Dillon with the time the user's preferred depth, speed and rhythm. In the VR-brillen included digital versions of classic stars like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson, as well as a lot of contemporary models, for example sexstjernen Lexi Luna:

Well, do you think, this is just a porn film, there is certainly choppy communicates with a onanirør, as you just as well even can move. So a little ölse and ölse behind, but not something that really tugs at your masturbation or your sex life.

Wrong. According to Jeff Dillon's potential is huge:

- Traditional intimacy is not for everyone. It is in pieces, and it does not get better, but until now it has been difficult to replace the real thing, so people with intimitetsudfordringer have been frustrated and depressed. This system will help some people with their intimitetsproblemer, so they can be confident to interact with a partner in an intimate situation.

Which means, therefore, that if, for example, does not dare to swipe with a real person,or can't get the stand up, you can practice with Virtual Mate.

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Dillon has the big visions. VirtualMate will be good for the climate, he believes. Because people would rather use his invention, will fewer people have sex with each other - this leads to fewer babies, which sfører to less strain on the environment!

Here you can see the advertisement for the Virtual Mate:

We took hold of the sekualitetsdebattør Lucy Vittrup, which just work in the intersection between the sextech, the intimacy and the cuddling and loneliness.

- Sexteknologi has the advantage, that people with physical or severe psychological dysfunctions get opened a whole new world of opportunities, which they had not before. Perhaps something sex work also be replaced by this kind of sexværktøj, said Vittrup.

But let us exert ourselves to call it what it is: It is a thing, a device, a tool. NOT a partner. A partner provides resistance, forcing you to meet yourself with all your demons and give you the opportunity to GIVE love - which is a grundbehov with most people.

Sex & cohabitation - 11. may. 2019 - at. 23:13 Laziness is the new sextrend

Vittrup believe that the concept of ‘the Intimitetspartner’ is very misleading:

- But artificial intimacy - yes, it makes sense. And we exercise artificial intimacy on all levels, everyone. We share the most intimate photos of our most important moments on insta and FB. Virtual Mate can then take it to a new level, because the virtual character is so lifelike - if it is it.

- And that is ultimately what we seek with intimitets technology, the ultimate deception. We will have a technology that is so lifelike, that I cheat myself in an optimal way to believe that it really is a human being, " says Vittrup

It's not about whether it is right or wrong.

- It just has some consequences, for example, that we become worse and worse to interact with real people, as we polstrer us into technology, which removes any emotional and physical resistance.

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