The municipality uses the 400.000 at cow bridge

Usually the traffic jams that get the politicians to dig deep in kommunekassen, but the roads in the Road also gets an update, though the most used of the muh-c

The municipality uses the 400.000 at cow bridge

Usually the traffic jams that get the politicians to dig deep in kommunekassen, but the roads in the Road also gets an update, though the most used of the muh-c

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
04 November 2019 Monday 11:00
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The municipality uses the 400.000 at cow bridge

Usually the traffic jams that get the politicians to dig deep in kommunekassen, but the roads in the Road also gets an update, though the most used of the muh-cows.

today, can ko after ko trudging over a newly renovated bridge, once they cross the Gedsen Y on their way from the barn and out on the grass.

- My cows are as happy for it. They go over the bridge every day in the summer, but they were also very well running with the old bridge, says the farmer Anders Aamand to Ekstra Bladet.

He is surprised at the Way the Municipality in the winter upgraded the disused railway bridge of dkk 400,000. The before narrow bridge and is now five feet wide.

- Now you can go cows in four rows, and it is so strong, that even if I stacked all of my 250 cows on top of each other, so it can still keep, laughs the farmer.

Anders Aamand (tv.) and Tom Starup (th.) got something of a surprise, as the municipality without notice began to break the old bridge down in order to construct this concrete-glory over the creek. Photo: Anders Brohus

in addition to Anders' cattle, there is only one man who uses the bridge. Tom Starup owner is a former land on the one side of the bridge, where he has a small fritidshytte.

- It works a bit like a skrivebordsbeslutning. I complain not, but I thought, frankly, that there had to be some mistake, says Tom.

The new concrete bridge looking into a real path, but a few metres away on the municipal dirt road goes even a bridge over the creek.

- I am concerned about the mon the bridge, they really should have fixed. It would make more sense, " says Anders.

Neither Anders or Tom got the opportunity to give their opinions before the work started.

- We had not been told anything. My buddy called one day and said: 'There is someone who is to break your bridge down', and then I hurried out and saw that it was good enough, says Tom.

- If it is indeed true, we would have been informed, voices Anders in.

They both had the opinion that they as land owners even had the responsibility to maintain the bridge. Why was Donald also nervous about whether there would dump a bill into the letterbox.

- It is fortunately not come, but I'm still surprised that the municipality choose to use almost a half a million on the bridge.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Chairman: I have no chance to know whether there has been error even Though cows can form the cows, comes the never up on the 110 tonnes, as the state of the art bridge, according to the land owners can cope with. Photo: Anders Brohus

Vagn Sørensen (V) is the chairman of the committee on engineering and the environment in the Way the Municipality and are thus for the death, when the politicians decide where the money in the area must spenderes.

- the land owners believe that the bridge was in fine condition. Why has it been refurbished?

often and often then it may well be that the visual looks as if it is in order, but there may be something else that is wrong, which makes you must make a or other.

- the Bridge has been expanded so it now is five meters wide, and can handle 110 tonnes. Why use tax dollars to expand it as much when it is only being used by one man in a car and some cows?

- Well, I don't know. It can't I just relate to them immediately, but we need to make sure that things are up to date, and that they are operational, and if there is just a man ... I don't know whether there are other for next year or how. Therefore, I do not know the specific situation, so I just immediately can answer it.

I can so tell you. It is on a small side road out to the Åvej, where there is another bridge right next to it, and this bridge only goes in to a barrel of country, as one man, and there is nothing on the other side of the bridge.

- Well, he has a weather of it, and if he has a the weather, and it is a local bridge, then we are obligated to keep the at the right, the longer is the history of the not.

- the land owners have a theory that might have made a mistake, and it really is the bridge right next to the out on the road, which would be able. Is it a possibility that there has been an error somewhere in the system?

- Well, I have no option to respond. It is registered as a municipal property, and all of our properties, we keep the at the right, no matter how few users there are. Whether it is the fejlregistreret, it is a completely different talk, and whether there has been an error in the course of time, whether it is now or 20 years ago, I have no chance to know anything about.

We can glimpse the remains of the old bridge under the new concrete. Originally drove that train over the bridge, but Troldhedebanen was discontinued in 1968. Photo: Anders Brohus

- the Work is budgeted to dkk 400,000. It is not much money for one man and some cows?

- It is your contention that it is. Therefore, if the bridge braces together, so is dkk 400,000. not much to use in order to keep the at the right. In case of an accident, who is liable, if it is a local bridge? It is the municipality. And therefore I will say that the money can be given really, really good.

- But one can anyway wonder whether it is necessary to make a bridge, there is so much broader and so much more solid than the one that is out on the right path 20 meters away. What do you think of it?

- Well, I can't relate to them, for I have not just the image in front of me, so I can see what is what.

- the land owners believe that they themselves have the duty to maintain the technical installations over the creek, so why even use tax dollars to renovate a bridge without going into dialogue with them to start with?

- I think I have the answer, you are asking about.

- Why were the land owners not notified before I went to work?

- It, I can't know anything about, I haven't been a part of the process, I sit in the political part, I have no pre-requisites to know who you are informed or not informed. It is your claim, so I can't know.

- we must go out from the right, when they say it, so shouldn't they have gotten the message?

- I don't know. If it is the municipality's bridge, then it is the municipality that has vedligeholdelsespligten, as I have said, and there have been some misunderstandings along the way, well, it's happened, and you can rectify it, then one must rectify it, longer is... I have no more comments to it, I think, that it is driven far enough out. You are far out of one or another track, which does not belong anywhere.

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Kreaturpassagen, which leads out on to the field, can be seen at the bottom center of the image. Photo:

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