The mother of fatalities Natascha: Free os for an appeal

- I have no need for, that he needs to be humbled more. It's Anja Arrilds clear message to the attorney general and the lawyer for the 21-year-old man, first

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
14 February 2020 Friday 16:00
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The mother of fatalities Natascha: Free os for an appeal

- I have no need for, that he needs to be humbled more.

It's Anja Arrilds clear message to the attorney general and the lawyer for the 21-year-old man, first week was sentenced to imprisonment for negligently having beaten her daughter Natascha to death in a violent fartulykke night to 10. march last year in Lellinge to the west of Køge.

The 21-year-old man in the picture was on Tuesday sentenced to a partially suspended prison sentence for negligent homicide, grossly reckless driving, and possession of small amounts of cocaine in the Court of Roskilde. Photo: Private

The two legal counterparts are considering in the next two weeks, whether they want to appeal to, respectively, the calming and strengthening

- Now is the blame placed. It is the most important thing for us. My message is therefore, that we would very much like to be free for a appeal. The only thing we want is to put it here behind us and try to move on. But in the end it is of course up to the defender and the district attorney, says Anja Arrild.

Jes and Anja Arrild along with the now deceased Nataschas seven-year-old sister Julie. The family's greatest wish now, is to get avoid an appeal and to lay the proceedings on the manslaughter behind him. Photo: Linda Johansen

The deceased girl's mother saw the trial in Roskilde as the 'mega-overwhelming' and the tense atmosphere in the courtroom as unpleasant.

The focal point is the Jes and Anja Arrilds 17-year-old daughter. The fatal night nearly a year ago she was a passenger in his now convicted ekskærestes Peugeot 206.

the Vehicle skidded into a traffic island with more than 100 km/h, smashed two roadside trees and rolled around in a field after the three pals planned rush by the densely built-up village.

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It was more than 100 percent over the allowable speed. The two cars ' drivers had earlier telephonically agreed that they would compete on who could first come through the city.

In the Court of Roskilde was Nataschas ex-girlfriend Tuesday for the eyes of his own family, trafikofrets parents and a larger group of friends a sentence of 15 months imprisonment, of which only three months to be served.

Natascha Arrilds a possession of a buryingplace by Borup Church. Photo: Private

Opposite Ekstra Bladet has Jes Arrild expressed that he 'hates him (the daughter's ex-girlfriend,red.) over everything on earth'.

But after seeing the tense and mumbling young man at the court, the pair, according to Anja Arrild reached forward to a longer sentence for him does not make sense.

- for He is no other than a boy. We can never forgive his actions, but a longer punishment makes him not a better person. On the contrary, says Anja Arrild.

a Record year for traffic deaths

205 persons lost last years of life in traffic accidents in Denmark, shows the Directorate preliminary statistics.In the 2014 to 2018 the average annual number of fatalities 183.Last year there was in particular a relatively large number of killed in passenger car and motorcycle and moped compared with the past. In the first three quarters lost 24 motorcyclists life, and 11 people on mopeds were killed in traffic, which in both cases is the highest number since 2009.However, relatively few fatalities in the age group of 18 to 24 in 2019. In the first three quarters lost 13 people in traffic accidents in the age group. It is historic to get.About half of the fatalities in 2019 was eneulykker or frontalkollisioner. Compared with the previous year, there were unusually many eneulykker fatal.The number of fatalities rose over most the country compared to the 2018. However, not in the Region of Midtjylland. In the Region of southern denmark and in Region Zealand was the number of deaths was the highest since 2014.The penalty for the deaths in traffic goes up to eight years in prison. But the chief public prosecutor of the review last year of the sentences since 2016, shows that vanvidsbilister is released with sentences of from one year and four months in prison to three years behind bars for the deaths.

Source: Directorate ulykkesstatistik (these are estimates - a final financial statement for last year will be ready in may 2020)

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The 21-year hf-students, was also sentenced to three years in the disqualification of his driving licence. The conditional part of his prison sentence with two years probation.

Natascha Arrilds parents and little sister at the crime scene in Lellinge. Photo: Linda Johansen

He was in addition to the grossly reckless driving and manslaughter convicted for possession of small amounts of cocaine.

Police prosecutor Magnus Mølholm had demanded an unconditional sentence of between 16 and 18 months in prison for the young man.

- For us, is the trial just a practical sentence. The emotional part, we are going to process the rest of our lives, says Anja Arrild.

Crime Mother and father can not forgive: Natascha run in the death of ex-girlfriend

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