The Tv celebrity is praised for his brutally honest picture

Christina Siguenza, known from the 'Vintage 0', experiencing right now a huge weight loss. In just two months she has thrown 11 pounds, and it has really been

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04 January 2020 Saturday 22:00
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The Tv celebrity is praised for his brutally honest picture

Christina Siguenza, known from the 'Vintage 0', experiencing right now a huge weight loss. In just two months she has thrown 11 pounds, and it has really been visible in 'Year 0'-the mother's body. In just a few months she passed several sizes down.

The great weight loss, however, has yet made, to Christina Siguenza is completely satisfied with her body. Especially one particular body part, she is unhappy with, and she fights a daily battle to accept that the looks as it does.

Christina Siguenza share now the pictures and video, which for her is very Private

It's all about Christina Siguenzas stomach, as she for many years has not dared to show up, but as she now shows without a filter in a honest video on his Instagram profile.

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Long as I have had a goal. A dream that was difficult to catch. Every time it got close, it was like something slowed me. It was the past. The shadows of the past, persecuted me and limited me ? But through my journey through the last half year, my weight loss and the support from all of you, I am now ready to get rid of it. Drop the fear, get rid of the old beliefs that have held me back, Let me tell you about it.... My big dream is to get into a bikini this summer It should be possible vægttabsmæssigt, mem I also need to have the head And it has teased me, until now It is so hard to overcome his "demons" . Especially when they have very good fat in a One of my "demons" are, to stand in a bikini pga. my body. All bodies are beautiful, each in their own way, This I have always believed. But for my own part, I have had it hard with my own body, blah. with that show my stomach and arms. There are several reasons for this. Increase of weight as yoyovægt. Pregnancies. Overweight. Weight loss. The increase again. One of the worst reasons is that I go through mental abuse earlier in my life. 've got it indkoorporet in me, that I was disgusting as I looked. Bold, creepy and everything that comes with it. I have got it by know again and again. Eventually, you start to believe it yourself. And it stays the same sore point, - as pain is very basically and makes an extremely vulnerable and It has taken years to get to this point where I actually don't care what others think about me, and now how my stomach looks But I would like to love my body as much as I love my I, as I now do All women deserve, to be happy with their body. Maybe not 100 % proud of it as those who train to the must look muscular out. But at least have a satisfaction that makes you not have it as a sore point that limit. For example, as to save his stomach or arms #etnytmål #bikinitilsommer #jegkanjegvil #weight loss #honesty #cross-border #vigtigudmelding #bikini #morkrop #morkroppen #kedafminkrop #perfektuperfekt #gladforminkrop #exercise #gådigsundmedårgang0mor #proud #maveoperation #mommytummy #seminmave #uperfektemave #tummy #stomach #løshud #abdominoplasty #stortønske

A lookup shared of Christina Siguenza (@christinasiguenza) the

'It's about my stomach. I have not gone and 'flashet' my stomach, since I got my first child. The problem for me has been that I have been sorry of the here from - 'mommy tummy', as you call it. I have never been in a bikini in my life. It is my goal for the summer. Therefore, I would like to show my belly to Instagram', she says frankly in the video, before she pulls up in the blouse and shows its belly to its followers.

Danish well-known - 8. nov. 2019 - at. 05:45 In the shock: Have lost all confidence

'I'm taking a little impetus, for it is right... I'm getting sweaty inside. It has been a big issue for me. Here is my 'mummy tummy', with a fold of skin at the bottom', she says and continues:

'I have lost a part, and you can see on my silhouette, but it does not solve the problem. I would like to get the stomach, so that I can be happy for it. It is my lovely, ugly belly, which has borne five children. But vain me, I just like to have a nicer skin on my stomach. But it must wait', says Christina Siguenza and stresses that she at one point would have made an intervention, so she may have removed the excess skin from the abdomen.

During the lookup of tipping it in with words of praise from many of Christina Siguenzas followers.

'You are cool. I'm sure that you come in a bikini for the summer. Children put of course its mark on the body, but I am sure that you will find a nice bikini that you feel comfortable in', writes one, while another continues:

'So nicely told and of course you in a bikini - great respect for your journey, and thank you, I must follow'.

For Extra Magazine elaborates Christina Siguenza, why she has chosen to share her honest story.

- It is a part of MY vægttabsrejse. It is certainly not piveri, but an indication that you deserve to be happy with his body. It is okay to be uperfekt, and that in itself is perfect, " she says, and continues:

- I have chosen to be honest with my journey to anyone who wants to follow me. It is the only right thing to do for me, as I believe that I MUST be honest with themselves, if I want to keep my lifestyle.

Christina Siguenza hopes, also, that there are others who can be inspired by her story.

- I have shared almost 20 years of my life on tv. So I'm used to sharing parts of my life. And I continue with, because I like that people can mirror themselves in me and my 'issues', as many can relate to. I'm just as uperfekt like any other, and it is important to tell the outside world, she says further.

Christina Siguenza is the mother of Stephanie Siguenza, as the viewers since 2000 have been able to follow in the 'Year 0'.

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