The FIFA boss is pressed by african scandal

a proud FIFA president, as in the summer in Paris proclaimed an entire world football, there no longer existed corruption in FIFA. With a big smile, received th

The FIFA boss is pressed by african scandal

a proud FIFA president, as in the summer in Paris proclaimed an entire world football, there no longer existed corruption in FIFA. With a big smile, received th

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
10 February 2020 Monday 04:00
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The FIFA boss is pressed by african scandal

a proud FIFA president, as in the summer in Paris proclaimed an entire world football, there no longer existed corruption in FIFA. With a big smile, received the Gianni Infantino subsequently the roaring applause.

Just two days after one of his vice presidents, Ahmad Ahmad, who is also president of The confederation of African football, CAF, is arrested by the French police.

It turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare for Infantino and for FIFA, who now faces perhaps the greatest scandal in its history. And there has otherwise been a tough competition – particularly from the time during the Infantinos predecessors, Joao Havelange and Sepp Blatter.

many cases of corruption, however, may prove to be water by the side of it, which is now about to be rolled up in Africa, where hundreds of millions of dollars from FIFA has ended up in the wrong pockets. Money that was earmarked for the development of the soccer ball.

In may, the then member of CAF's executive committee, Musa Bility, who was also president of the Liberia football association, to have made an independent audit report of financial flows of the confederation of african football.

It was quite surprising to get through with the desire. Musa Bility was in opposition to both Infantino in FIFA and Ahmad in the CAF. Shortly after, the Bility out of the question for all football in 10 years. The reason was that he had to have misused funds from FIFA and CAF. Charges he still denies.

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the audit report was prepared. Of the international accounting firm, PWC. The 55-page report has been kept secret by both FIFA and CAF since it was finished in november. The last few days, the dog started to leak, and one of them, there have been fingers in the, Musa Bility.

- I am shocked and dismayed, but my fears proved to be justified. The way the CAF has managed the money, is a crime against humanity. The report shows that millions of dollars are paid out without any form of documentation and often in cash. There has been paid money for the CAF officials ' wives, to the funerals of family members and even to a wedding for a daughter of a member of CAF's executive committee, writes Musa Bility.

covers the period from 2017 to 2019. Ahmad Ahmad was elected as the president of the CAF in 2017, with the active support from Gianni Infantino, which even in 2016 became the president of FIFA, with a largely unified Africa in the back. His valgtale back then acted pretty much only about the fact that he would share more money to the member states.

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Infantino promise like gold and green to the forests, when he speaks to FIFA's members. Photo: Lars Poulsen

He felt quite certain that it should get the soccer ball to the good, but it is not gone in Africa. From 2015 to the 2018 FIFA sent many hundreds of millions to the development of football in Africa. In the report from PWC states that the 160 million ended up in the wrong place. Musa Bility call it organized crime, money laundering and theft. He also says that official documents have been destroyed to cover up the illegal payments.

in the degree of CAF president Ahmad Ahmad. As mentioned, he was in the summer were arrested by French police and charged with corruption and for several cases of sexual abuse against staff at the CAF's headquarters in Cairo. The case is investigated still.

FIFA's so-called independent ethics committee has also started with an investigation of Ahmads conditions. It is, among other things, the misuse of millions of dollars. Among other things, by paying portions of 20,000 dollars to private accounts of african fodboldledere.

also have purchased a fleet of cars for their own consumption in Madagascar, where he has his base. He is also suspected of having received kickbacks in connection with a number of sponsorship deals.

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Ahmad Ahmad can very quickly become a very lonely man. Photo: Lars Poulsen

in Addition to Ahmad Ahmad has CAF a further six members of FIFA's governing council, the so-called Counsil. They have all the popular terms appeared as øjentjenere for Infantino, who is so busy to tell, how much he keeps of Africa. But now reality is about to go up for him. Ahmad is living on borrowed time, but he is not the only one who in the given case of abuse of FIFA's money.

week said Infantino at a congress in Budapest:

- We have serious problems in Africa, and we need to solve. We will make up with the corruption in african football. I hope that the CAF have discovered that I will crack down on corruption.

- The millions of dollars that we spend in Africa, must not end up in anyone's pockets. We want to invest in Africa, not in a president, but in a country. For example, we will build the stadiums. How should we be able to develop the soccer ball, if not stadiums, he asked rhetorically.

thus gone up for the FIFA president, but it is incomprehensible that he is now in more than two months has been with the PWC report without acting. For each day that passes undermines his own office. You can get the idea that he might be in the a long time have had a suspicion that not everything was going according to the rules of the CAF, which has 54 member countries.

A source at FIFA will provide to Ekstra Bladet, that there is internal work to get the report out in the open. Everything else will be an insult to the many volunteer leaders, who every day make an effort to develop the soccer ball. Also - and perhaps especially - in Africa.

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