Ten years after Paradise Hotel: Here is Julie in the day

It was in the 'Paradise Hotel' season six, that we first became acquainted with the blonde beauty Julie von Lydd. today she is 30 years old, and it is ten y

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Ann McDonald
28 December 2019 Saturday 15:00
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Ten years after Paradise Hotel: Here is Julie in the day

It was in the 'Paradise Hotel' season six, that we first became acquainted with the blonde beauty Julie von Lydd.

today she is 30 years old, and it is ten years ago, she returned home from Mexico after filming ended. Subsequently, she starred in 'The delicious for love' and 'Divas in the jungle', but since 2013 we have not seen Julie on the screen, and a lot has happened in her life.

- I have taken the training cand.ling.merc in corporate communication and a bachelor's degree in Spanish and communication, but nearly two years ago, I was self-employed. Now I have my blog and Instagram on a full-time, and in addition, I hold lectures about personal branding and influencer marketing, working as a freelance photographer, stylist and communications consultant - primarily with advice on influencer collaborations and online branding for external companies, says Julie, who looks back on his reality-participation as a good experience.

- I look very positively on it. I have always listed me nicely, properly and treated others and myself with respect. I was 20 years old and just passed out of high school, when I attended my first reality program, so for me it was just as well, as to others take on trip around the world or in high school - just with a tv crew in the back of the neck in Mexico. I have always been interested in me for tv and had mediefag at the high school and university, so it was exciting to see how the tv goes on, when you are a participant. In addition, I got some good friends who had suffered the same outgoing personality like myself, she explains and elaborates:

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Julie to 'Paradise'-finalefesten in 2010. Mogens Flindt/Ritzau Scanpix.

- I do not feel that my participation in reality tv has had no negative impact on my career or the like. I think it's all about how you behave in front of the camera, how you treat other people, and what role you get. The drømmejobs, I have searched, I have always been, and I have worked with some of the coolest brands. So it has not done anything negative for me, as far as I know. I have only once in ten years got three nasty messages. It is really not much.

Julie along with Tammie and Cecilie in the 'Paradise Hotel' in 2010. Photo: TV3/Lotta Lemche

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It is not only on the karrierefronten that life has brought good care of Julie. Also on kærlighedsfronten she has namely had the luck to find the right.

- To January, I have been in a relationship with Steffan Jones, who starred in 'Paradise Hotel' season eight, in seven years. Earlier in the year we were engaged, which is something that makes you feel extra loved - it is the greatest declaration of love you can get. We're getting married this summer, since I'm a sommerpige, and summer is my yndlingsårstid. I dream of a mix of an intimate and big wedding, so it will be something in between, says Julie.

Julie and Steffan in 2013 in connection with Juliet's participation in the 'Divas of the jungle'. Photo: Anthon Unger/Ritzau Scanpix

That the pair have both starred in 'Paradise Hotel', and has given them a common understanding.

- We had both just appeared, when we became lovers, and it was nice to have someone to talk to about it and understood why, for example, would like to go for a detour, if you as a teacher and not just had the desire to be 'on'. We have understood each other fully, and our boundaries in relation to privacy are very similar, explains Julie, who dreams to start a family with Steffan in the future.

- We would like to have children, but only when we are married, if everything goes according to plan. I travel a lot and make travel guides, so right now is not the time for it. I was born and raised in Aarhus C is a bypige, so I will never stay in anything other than in or in the vicinity of the centre.

- Steffan and I have therefore just bought the home in Aarhus C, but it is however close to and with views to the water and forest, explains Julie.

Julie and Steffan dream about raising a family in the future. Photo: Private

Juliet's advice to young people who are considering to participate in reality tv is that they need to think about what they participate in, as well as what they want out of it.

Also they must be careful not to say stupid things, be a bad person or have sex on tv.

Julie along with the other divas in 2013. Photo: Anthon Unger/Ritzau Scanpix

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