Teeming with rats in the school: Tine have volunteered for service in the municipality up for a year

It has been 12 very long months for the pair Tine and Tom Lyngbo. the Couple, who resides in the municipality of Gladsaxe, used it last year to get through to

Teeming with rats in the school: Tine have volunteered for service in the municipality up for a year

It has been 12 very long months for the pair Tine and Tom Lyngbo. the Couple, who resides in the municipality of Gladsaxe, used it last year to get through to

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
18 February 2020 Tuesday 02:00
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Teeming with rats in the school: Tine have volunteered for service in the municipality up for a year

It has been 12 very long months for the pair Tine and Tom Lyngbo.

the Couple, who resides in the municipality of Gladsaxe, used it last year to get through to the municipality, because they are tired of that there are rats on their property and the school, which is located right next to it.

In a video that Tine has recorded and sent to the Extra Magazine, you can clearly see the rats arrows forward and back in the bushes, Tine, up to several times have asked to get removed, because it is precisely there, where they keep to.

the Municipality's response has in the last year has not resulted in anything other than keen giftkasser, who does not have any effect on the stock of rats.

Tine Lyngbo and her husband have spent a year to get through to the municipality. Photo: Private

- We have had a pied piper out, who also spoke with the municipality and said that what one had to do was to remove the shrubbery, but there is nothing happened, tells the Tine of 52 years.

She is very tired of and frustrated with the situation, each day unfolding in front of her front door.

- We can't go outside our door without seeing rats. It is teeming with them! They run across the playground and the football pitch where the children are.

the Pair have not yet gotten the pests indoors.

- But it's only a matter of time, says Ann, who has written at Gladsaxe Municipality's Facebook page in the hope that something would happen.

Although the municipality has several times remarked that there is now to be seen on it, is the shelter of the bushes still not removed, where Tine and Tom have spotted the rats.

Here is the shelter of the bushes, where the rats keep to. Photo: Private

Why beat Tine also looking up, so she could inform the parents of the children at the school and fritidshjemmet.

- I don't know if they know of the problem, but they should.

Tom says that he believes the situation is becoming more and more violent, the longer the municipality waits.

- We saw five rats the other day. They can get between 10-12 pups each. It will say that we soon are up over 50 rats, if not something is done.

According to a report from the environmental protection Agency can be infected with diseases by contact with rats and rotters droppings.

'Rats excrete approximately. 50 to 60 droppings a day. Therefore, there are droppings from the rats wherever they went. The droppings are damp when they are put, but dries quickly into. Even when they are dry, they can pose a risk of infection', says the report.

below you can read the diseases, the environmental protection Agency writes, you are infected through contact with rats:

) the Disease caused by a virus, appear in several editions worldwide, and may in severe cases be fatal. In Denmark, the disease is probably only in a mild version, where there is a risk of a fatal outcome of infection. The symptoms are flu-like but relatively mild and transient. The source of the infection is most often localized to the mice, but rats can also transmit disease. Infection occurs when the virus from the droppings, saliva, and urine notes on f.ex. dust particles that are inhaled. Infection can also occur through bite wounds or ulcers, as well as by ingestion of droppings or leftovers from here. The disease can not be treated medically.

caused by the bacterium, leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, transmitted by rats. The disease's first symptoms are flu-like, d.v.p. high fever, chills and pain in the muscles. The disease is transmitted through the rotters urine or by bites from rats. The primary infection occurs when humans come in contact with water, which contains rotteurin. Most at risk are kloakarbejdere, dambrugsarbejdere or fritidsfolk as f. ex. windsurfing on the lakes, the hunters and anglers in lakes and streams. Homeowners and tenants can also be infected if they come into contact with sewage, by heavy rains penetrates up in and around the residence. The disease in untreated cases result in death as a result of the bl.a. kidney and liver failure. The mortality rate is approx. 10-15 %. The disease can be treated with antibiotics, if it is done early in the process, when the first symptoms of disease manifest themselves.

caused by a bacterium, can be transmitted by rats by their droppings. Infection occurs through water and food contaminated by rats. The disease can cause nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, fever, vomiting and joint pain. In severe cases your joint pain become chronic. The types of salmonella that are found in rodents and transferred to humans is Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella enteritidis. The number of the disease caused by salmonella in Denmark has been declining in recent years. The disease is usually not deadly unless you are elderly or infirm. In serious cases must be treated with antibiotics.

available in several different animal species, but is especially prevalent in poultry, which is the main residence for the bacteria. In recent years denmark has identified an increasing number of cases of campylobacterinfektioner. The majority of the infections caused by the bacterium Campylobacter jejuni. Rats and mice can both be resident and carries of the bacteria. The infection in humans causes general malaise, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever. In severe cases the disease can provide joint pain and paralysis. The mortality rate is low, and the treatment consists in the liquid injection to the patient and possible antibiotic therapy in cases where the infection has spread outside of the gut.

Studies have proven that rats and mice are carriers of Yersinia enterocolitica bacteria, which can cause acute maveinfektion (yersiniose) in humans such as diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever. The bacterium is widespread in cropping systems and can with infected pork is transferred to the people. The infection in humans lasts usually for a few days and usually goes over by itself. However, especially in adults infected in some cases occur swelling and tenderness of the joints and possibly skin rash that can last for up to several weeks or years. Disease is treated not with antbiotika, since the effect is questionable.

causes the disease listeriosis, which is transmitted through food. Mice and rats are to a certain extent the carriers of the bacterium that can cause acute septicaemia and meningitis (encephalitis). The disease, which is quite rare in Denmark, can for f.ex. the elderly or infirm, be life-threatening. The disease can be treated with antibiotics.

the Disease is caused by a parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which is found in most of the world, and which can live in all warm-blooded animals, fol.a. mice, and rats. Especially cats are the final host for this parasite. Cats are infected by eating mice and rats that are infected. People can be infected by ingestion of raw or inadequately cooked/fried meat from infected animals and by contact with cats or places where cats have lived. The infection shows itself by malaise, fever, and sore muscles. The disease is neither life-threatening or dangerous, but if it affects pregnant women, the infection can be transmitted to the fetus, whereby there is a substantial risk that the child is born with malformations. Antibiotic treatment is done only by infected children, pregnant women and persons with impaired immune systems.

Source: environmental protection Agency

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According to the rotteekspert Claus Schultz from Rentokil, one must always take it seriously when there are rats in the game.

- the Reason why we fear the rats is the diseases. When we see such a situation, it is usually close by or down, they are caught.

It is especially the urine from the rats, which can be dangerous.

- There will always be a danger, and one should always be careful. If one were to get the rat's urine in the eye, mouth or on the second on, it may be the case that diseases are contagious.

the Extra Leaf has contacted the Gladsaxe Municipality in order to get answers as to why they are gone so long time, before one is gone into in the case of the rats on the Tines and Tom's estate and at the school. Extra Magazine would also like to have the answer as to whether you as a citizen can expect a response, if a lookup of the social media is being 'recognized' by several citizens. It has not yet been possible for the Gladsaxe Municipality to answer our request.

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