Superstar tangled up in fights about sexism

While we remember it: Colombianeren Fernando Gaviria won Wednesday the fourth stage of the Vuelta a San Juan Internacional in Argentina, while the belgian Remco

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
30 January 2020 Thursday 18:00
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Superstar tangled up in fights about sexism

While we remember it: Colombianeren Fernando Gaviria won Wednesday the fourth stage of the Vuelta a San Juan Internacional in Argentina, while the belgian Remco Evenepoel defended his overall lead.

from a purely sporting is today on the sabbath day, the pressure in the background, after that the race is inadvertently done to the battlefield for a uforsonligt showdown on sexism and male chauvinism.

In the centre this year are a female, argentine tv journalist who after the stage yesterday interviewed Evenepoel in a garb, which drives the belgian journalist Sven Spoormarkers to comment on it on Twitter. His image of the journalist is shared far and wide on social media with Evenepoel as involuntary statist.

- Is it cool in Japan?, he asked rhetorically in his Twitter postings with obvious reference to the reporter's nipples, which caused him to hide her undertrøjes thin fabric.

It is hot in Argentina for the time, so the remark was meant to be humorous, stressed Spoormarkers later. It contained, however, also an irritation that the journalist, in his view, dress inappropriate.

- do not Pull feministkortet here. She knows what she has on - or not - and why. If I interviewed a female reporter with my balls hanging freely to promote, would you also make fun with it. Or call it shameful, wrote Spoormakers on Twitter.

It was a response to the australian journalist Sophie Smith, who threw themselves into a fierce defense of his argentine colleague - who, incidentally, turns out to be called Belén Mendiguren.

- So, it's her fault that you can't keep up with that look on her babser? What should she do? Take a earth over your head, so you don't get excited?, wrote Smith on Twitter.

- If I took a picture of you on the work and published it with a comment about how small your dick looks like in shorts, you would then think it was okay?

It answered Spoormakers not on, and judging by the wealth of comments that have since fallen into, he does enough well to keep a pretty low profile. Has has blatantly started a war of words, which he can't possibly win.

A minority of the many comments to Spoormakers tweet and Smith's biting response support him. Most gangs him far away as a mandschauvinistisk of the past, and states that neither he nor any other should interfere in the way women dress.

at the same time flowing it with the sentiment from both men and women, who think that Sophie Smith is right that it is sexist to say anything about a woman's nipples. Fun or not.

Belén Mendiguren does not give the impression of being a woman, who allow themselves to insult of men's admiring glances, as her public Instagram profile flowing over with pictures of her even without too much clothes on.

Mendiguren does, however, form a common front with Sophie Smith and thank her for taking the fight against sexist remarks up.

- We have lived with this type of gender-based violence since birth, turns Belén Mendiguren fixed.

the Extra Leaf has contacted Spoormakers, but he does not want to comment on the matter right now. He intends, however, later sending out a tweet with a comment, he says.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Also sexist fuss last year

It is the second year in a row, to etapeløbet Vuelta a San Juan Internacional forms the backdrop for a showdown on sexist behaviour and it is the second time that a rider from Deceuninck-Quick-Step is located in the eye of the hurricane.

In the year is 19-year-old Remco Evenepoel quite innocent, since he's in the picture, as the journalist Sven Spoormakers have published of him and the journalist Belén Mendiguren, as a man of honour looks her in the eyes and not in the chest.

Worse went it last year for teammate Iljo Keisse, as kvajede themselves cruelly, when he decided to make samlejebevægelser behind a waitress, who had asked Keisse and his team-mates on a memory for the photo album.

Keisse was thrown out of the race, and the team issued an apology for his performance.

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navikaf303 2020-01-31 03:04:19

Would you take a man seriously if he interviewed you in cut shorts and a mini T shirt?

Of course not. The bar is very low for being a "Sports reporter". The ones who really exploit are the sports networks e.g. FOX, thats why they are all young attractive women, dressed like whores. They are the bottom end of "journalism", they literally have no other job but to ask athletes about their victory.

Of course woke-twitter, femnazi extremists had to exploit identity without any semblance of objectivity. No man would EVER dress like this, and then say "please take me seriously". When we want to be taken seriously, we dress and act like it.

Tell your daughters to dress like that, so that they will be employed as "journalists".

Belen Mendiguren belongs in the porn industry, and would NEVER have a job if she didn't wear nothing to work. Male athletes should simply refuse to speak to vapid bimbos to make a point of this, and not take them seriously until they ACT seriously.