Stopped Dina-cooperation: It did not make sense

Bad for business ... It's probably the årsagsforklaring, Pixie Sauerland, in fact, coming up with, when he is asked to relate to Monday's press release, which

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
12 February 2020 Wednesday 00:00
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Stopped Dina-cooperation: It did not make sense

Bad for business ... It's probably the årsagsforklaring, Pixie Sauerland, in fact, coming up with, when he is asked to relate to Monday's press release, which it finally was announced that Team Sauerland immediately stop their cooperation with the Danish WBO champion of the world from Struer, Dina Thorslund.

A mutual decision, hitting the 40-year-old promoter, however, the firm repeatedly.

the Resolution can, however, easily be turned around 180 degrees with the declaration: Hungry Thorslund ran out of patience - now will the hard-hitting superbantamvægter damn in a fight!

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But you may ask yourself, why would a promoter ever volunteered to drop its grip on a world champion in one of the large, recognized bokseforbund? The same might, of course, ask the Fairy in the Sauerland on - man, since 2016 has put the strategy and character of the great lines of the Danish hardhitter and thus also have a large share in the creation of the Danish, former european champion and current world champion.

Seen from my point of view both as a boxing promoter, but also as a businessman: If a business no longer makes sense, so if you want no longer to be a part of it, starts Fairy Sauerland cards and cash out.

For it is, ultimately, about the cash.

- It is also important for me to stress that Team Sauerland, of course, remains interested in a fight against Sarah Mahfoud - such a struggle we would love to be a part of. If there is a topkamp in the Danish context, so it is undoubtedly a boksebrag between Dina and Sarah Mahfoud, adding Sauerland-promoter.

After four years of cooperation, where Dina Thorslund, among other things, has won the european championship and associated WBO's WORLD title, in superbantamvægt, were the parties on Monday agreed to go their separate ways with immediate effect.

Thorslund, who signed with Team Sauerland in 2015, defeated in 2018, Alicia Ashley, and captured the associated WBC interim WORLD title. Later in the same year she beat Jessica Arreguin Munoz in the fight for the WBO's WORLD championship belt, a belt she defended two times in 2019 against Alesia Graf and April Adams.

- But in general - and this applies to all Sauerland boxers - it must make sense economically. If there is something that is no longer running around or being too cost-intensive, so you don't have the desire anymore to be a part of it. As I have already said: the Decision is pure business from our side, says the Fairy in the Sauerland region, which in particular stresses that the commitment, investment and the Sauerland effort should always go hand in hand with the concrete output in dollars and cents.

it Was a bad business to have Dina Thorslund in your shed? Or, lacking a lucrative television deal in the uk?

- I do not want to go into detail with.

- But I can say that there is still room for a few big games in the future for Dina, which would be good business and as Team Sauerland will want to be involved in.

Photo: Anders Brohus

But is it not better to promote a current world champ than two-to-three up-and-coming boxers that have captured titles yet?

- For Sauerland is it a matter of business - as I have already mentioned. Right now it just didn't make sense for us to set the course for Dina.

The argentine IBF world champion Marcela Eliana Acuna told in connection with Sarah Mahfouds interim WORLD cup match, that had been in contact with her camp on a double title fight - she would even very much like the boxes from Thorslund, she said. So, what went wrong, since I never got Thorslund in the battle again after her title defense way back in June of last year?

- There went nothing wrong. Nothing. But if you are a businessman who, let us say, repeatedly buying a particular type of commodity, and the price of the commodity one day suddenly increases tremendously, so that gives it no longer makes sense - so you change the product?, similar Fairy Sauerland, who, however, quickly tries to soften his otherwise cash købmandsanalogi up:

- It has nothing personally to do with Dina. She is a skilled boxer. For me, there is really not much of a history to snoop on. People stop the in time, and handed out in a variety of jobs. We went every man to his house in a good tone. It ended in a good way. Sometimes it ends up people just to go their separate ways. Such is life. It is what it is, says the Fairy, Sauerland concludes.

Thorslunds latest battle in Horsens from April Adams was far from sold out. Maybe it has been the last straw for the germans.

- I don't want to over-dramatise the decision between the Sauerland region and Dina, says the Fairy in the Sauerland region.

- Life goes on. And all is well, he adds.

Is Team Sauerland general, a good or bad business?

- It is well both good and bad. Just like everything else. On the whole, it goes fine. But some days are better than others.

Have you lost interest in Danish boxing?

- It is still a priority. But when all comes to all, it's all about the talent? And yes, if you look at the current talent pool, so I do not believe that at the present time is a new Mikkel Kessler in the making. But we still focus on the Kem (Ljungquist, ed.) in the heavyweight, ending the Fairy in the Sauerland region.

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