Skråsikker Chug: So get the target scores Bendtner

you can well afford to call this superligarunde for a must-win round, for it is not until next Sunday, it really goes loose: FC Copenhagen against FC Midtjyllan

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
16 September 2019 Monday 03:00
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Skråsikker Chug: So get the target scores Bendtner

you can well afford to call this superligarunde for a must-win round, for it is not until next Sunday, it really goes loose: FC Copenhagen against FC Midtjylland in the Park!

I assume that none of the two absolute top team kvajer in this round. The FCM should win in the Superliga, FCK should clear the table in Hobro with or probably without Nicklas Bendtner. The two topmandskaber will probably run on the track in the Park with a lead, there are a minimum of eight points down to third place, where AaB is currently located.

Maybe the hole even bigger after this round. The really interesting thing is that with all the things happening in FCK right now, the FCM is a great chance to make a hole to FCK and extend the lead, which right now is at a point. Thought-provoking.

the team, who just shakes it off, when the two best attackers are injured. It also applies to the FCK. The immediate need of Dame N’Doye and Jonas Wind is not such a just to get over, and it is not because that Sotiriou and Santos so far has presented a form that can get the wolves to shake in your pants – and Nicklas Bendtner is a big question mark.

the FCK must at the same time, in the time of the european campaign, and it may be his case, when Stale Solbakken must ask without two skarprettere, which together have been measured breeding to flare nine times the provisional in the premier League. In fact, none of Ståles new purchases impressed until now.

Lorden, and the Lady in the Lanes. The question is who of the two first to be Superligaklar... Photo: Lars Poulsen

I turn the course back to in my next column. Today, I will instead lay his head on the block and come up with six prophecies for the next six rounds. As far as I remember, I usually hit the spot every time.


Here are my six assertions:

1: When we do the calculations up after 14 rounds, have Nicklas Bendtner scored zero (0!) goal for FC Copenhagen in the League. I have previously written that it's going to take time with Bendtner, and he looked even more rusted out than feared in reserveholdskampen and to skudtræningen in the FCK recently.

Lucas Andersen is icy and should drøne directly into the national team next time. Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

2: When we hit november, Lucas Andersen has been selected for the national team and at the same time, been involved in 14 goals for AaB. He have so far in eight matches delivered five goals and three assists, so it is a violent message from my page. It can then call a fresh tender, not?

the FCM has just beaten Brøndby and Brian Priske can smile crooked. The wolves from the heat can also soon hit a small hole for the masters from Copenhagen. Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen/Ritzau Scanpix

3: FC Midtjylland (denmark is number one in the league after round 14! It is my bid despite the fact that the FCM must play topkamp in the Park, but otherwise wolves are not something tremendously program. FCK on the other hand in the round 12 a trip to derby in Brøndby!

4: the League gets its first trænerfyring! And who could it be? Yes, if Silkeborg do not get a victory in the next six rounds, then Kent Nielsen will be in the danger zone, and John Lammers sitting enough also glows in Esbjerg, if vestjyderne not soon come in time.

There is a lot at stake in a season with three demote, and we know all the mechanisms. Bo Henriksen can also get in trouble if Horsens lose six in a row. Well I will just say that I do not sit and HOPE I get right. It is actually the prophecy, I at least want to see come true.

Kent Nielsen is well together with John Lammers, one of the two coaches, who sits closest to the coals right now. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

5: Silkeborg are still without victory in the league for six rounds! I simply cannot see where the victories will come from, when they rødblusede from Silkeborg to score at least two times per day. struggle just to get a draw. They have Plaffeministeren, but there must be something to when a team must score three and sometimes four times to win a battle. They close too many boxes into.

6: Jutland is located in the top six after 14 rounds. Maybe it sounds a little fesent, when they now only have one point up right now, but ask just yourself, who of the six at the top, they must swap places with? And remember that the against AGF and OB have played absolutely terrible røvkedeligt. But I know, I get right!

We look at the hits and near-misses, when we get to my column Sunday 3. november!

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Tøffes spåkugle - today's games:


Formstærke AGF meets up with the three soup-wins in a row and zero goals against in four matches. AaB got a big scalp against FCK, and I don't think AGF can keep Lucas Andersen from scoring.

My bet: 2-2


Esbjerg – Randers FC

Four scores! Esbjerg is the pressure to get the offensive work, and it will Randers punish by beating on the diverts and pick up the first victory in Esbjerg in almost four years.

My bet: 0-2


Lyngby – FC Midtjylland

I firmly believe, on a physical FC Midtjylland-crew, that will put Lyngby emphatically in place.

My bet: 0-2


Hobro – FC Copenhagen

I have the feeling that we are going to experience a typical FCK action. A quiet and calm day at the office, two boxes and three points with the home.

My bet: 0-2


Brøndby – FC Nordsjælland

Brøndby has in over two years, had good control of the FC Nordsjælland, but they must sateme be waking in the bagkæden and take the lead with genpres and full hammer against the team that is the fastest and best in the diverts.

My bet: 2-1


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