Six years after Paradise: Now EVERYTHING is changed

As the 'Paradise Hotel' rolled across the screen on TV3 in 2014, was After Maria Kristensen, Nadia Stenberg and Simone Kofoed among the participants. It is

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
26 December 2019 Thursday 19:00
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Six years after Paradise: Now EVERYTHING is changed

As the 'Paradise Hotel' rolled across the screen on TV3 in 2014, was After Maria Kristensen, Nadia Stenberg and Simone Kofoed among the participants.

It is now six years ago, that the three girls met in Mexico during the warm climes to the celebration and colors, and there is no doubt that their life looks different today.

All the mothers, but it certainly has not meant that they have slipped away from each other - rather the contrary.

- I did not win dkk 500,000. and the title as winner of the 'Paradise Hotel' in 2014. But I won them here, and they are worth far more. At were gathered together again - with four new, adorable members, writes Simone on his Instagram profile along with a picture of the three paradisoer and their children; Kimies two sons, Micah and Cody, Nadia's son, Mace, and simone's son, Valdemar.

Nadia, as she looked under the 'Paradise Hotel'. Photo: Anthon Unger

For Extra Magazine tells Simone that 'Paradise'-the friendship has evolved, after the three women have become mothers.

- We actually all three have been pretty wild with each other, since we starred in 'Paradise Hotel' and therefore have contact with each other continuously. We have constantly had something special together, but it has flourished even more and brought us more together, after we all three have had children.

- Now gives it even more opportunity to meet, and our friendship has also been different than it was in the past, tells Simone and elaborates:

Simone back in 2014 in connection with the program, here together with paradisoen Morten Nielsen. Photo: Anthon Unger

Previously it was all about the guys, you would score, and who was with whom, while it has now become deeper things in life - children, career, relationship. It's been a little less superficial, you might say. When you have held on to a friendship in the six years, of course there must also be something else than partying in focus.

- We have grown together, for we were very young when we met, and it was all about partying, as we were in 'Paradise'. Now we are in a different place, but I think a little, we have come thither at the same time. So we have grown up together, she adds.

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While the three ex-'Paradise'-participants in the past most often saw each other in the city at various clubs with a drink in hand, is the venue has now been in the living rooms at each other for a cup of coffee and cake. It takes a bit more planning to get the ends to meet.

- I live in Slagelse, Nadia lives in the Usa and After in Frederikssund, so there should be coordinated a little, when we need to be seen, but we are good to get it done. It is also easy enough, when you have a car and can just run away, but we plan it long in advance, so we all have time in our busy calendars. And then talk we over the telephone, snapchat, etc., explains Simone.

After, when she arrived on the red carpet, in connection with the program in 2014 is here along with paradisoen Daniel. Photo: Anthon Unger

- When you think back on how we met each other, it is quite funny, and we like to talk about it, because it is hard for others to understand how it was. So it is nice to have the experience together. It's also cool that we have such a good friendship out of it, she continues.

Yet Simone, however, no plans to urge his son to contribute in the TV3 programme, when one day he reaches the age of 18.

- After, Nadia and I have not actually talked about what we would think if our sons want to be in the 'Paradise Hotel' a time. I have it in the even such, that I don't think I can ban it, now that I have been with. But it is also not the case that I hope he should be with, sounds it from her.

- it Is a great desire for him, so should he be allowed to do it. Also because I think it was a great experience. So I must rely on him, if the situation suddenly occurs, laughs she.

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