Shivering WORLD-relation: Emirens family behind gross exploitation

for years, Qatar's emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and his team of sheikhs promised to abolish the slave-like conditions in the small ørkenstat, which will be

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
19 September 2019 Thursday 05:00
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Shivering WORLD-relation: Emirens family behind gross exploitation

for years, Qatar's emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and his team of sheikhs promised to abolish the slave-like conditions in the small ørkenstat, which will be hosting the WORLD cup in 2022.

But, as it has been revealed several times, action does not follow words.

It is proved, again in a recently published report from Amnesty International.

Since march last year, Amnesty international examined the relationships among the nearly two million migrant workers, which is downloaded to the country in order to make it delicious to the WORLD cup finals in three years.

It is a scathing criticism, Amnesty international cuisine against the authorities in Qatar, and this time hits it directly into the Emirens centre.

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About two million migrant workers are picked up or lured to Qatar to make the country ready for the WORLD cup in 2022. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Qatar consumes more than 1000 billion to make the country ready for the WORLD cup. Built roads, metro, airport, hotels, training facility and eight stadiums, and among the many training we find his royal highness, named after the founder, sheik Hamad bin Khalid Al Thani.

He died of liver cancer in 2012, and since then his son, sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani, a prominent member of the Emirens family, stood in the forefront of the company.

his royal highness has been involved in several large projects, including Hilton hotels, Doha International Airport, the TV station Al-Jaazeera as well as several projects for government departments and for Emirens family.

But in december 2017 halted the company to pay wages to the 1200 workers, all migrant workers, which subsequently was left in no man's land.

They got quite a known to know, that if they were to work, they should probably get their money. Therefore, they continued to drudge, but in march 2018 closed the company down for all activities.

what was Left was the 1200 employees without money, without food, and soon without water and electricity, because it was closed for supplies to the work camps they lived in.

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crown Prince Frederik has several times met with Qatar's Emir. Here is seen during the handball WORLD championship 2015 in Doha. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

This kind of cases, there have been many, since Qatar in 2010 was awarded the WORLD cup in 2022. The slave-like conditions have prompted many organisations and international trade unions to press both FIFA and Qatar WORLD cup organizers.

Also, the DBU has been on the besigtigelsesture in Qatar together with the LO, and each time, the authorities have promised that the situation of migrantarbejderne will be improved significantly.

Among other things, they must have the opportunity to lead their cases in court.

Amnesty International has followed a number of the HRH-staff's fate since march of last year, and there will be drawn a clear picture of a system that in no way has made life easier for migrantarbejderne. The many promises are nothing but empty talk.

In the report tells migrantarbejderne, that they might live of the food they got donated by colleagues, or that they could find in the bins. In the months waited for the many to hear from the court in order to finally get the message that the case was rejected.

Ashish, an HRH employee, actually won his case at one of the employment law committees, as Qatar has set up.

- But today it's been almost a year since the process began, and I still have not received a penny, he explains.

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the Temperatures in Qatar when in the summer often over 45 degrees. It is too hot to play football, but not too hot to let migrantarbejderne work up to 12 hours a day. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Amnesty international has made up that 1200 migrant workers have between three and seven months ' salary to the good. Well over half have complained to the judicial system.

More than 300 of them have after months of waiting abandoned and is instead returned home without a penny in your pocket.

Not one of the 1200 have been paid their claims through the committees or by the court.

Stephen Cockburn, director of Amnesty International:

- The two million migrant workers, which form the backbone of Qatar's economy, have the right to be treated fairly in the labour market, and when it doesn't happen, they should have the right to obtain justice. They haven't in Qatar,

Amnesty international has contacted HRH, but have not received any response.

It is also not something new in. It is the way the sheiks always respond to. Instead they are busy with new buildings just below the other selskabsnavne.

Hides the number of the dead

In the report from the Amnesty, the focus is also on the company Hamton International, which in may 2018 ceased to pay wages to their 900 migrant workers.

the Company, which has built hotels and hospitals in Qatar, held the employees up for four months. In the period of continuing migrants, who came from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Kenya to work, because they constantly were promised that the money would come.

they did not. The many workers lived in a camp in Umm Salal, and here was the situation gradually worse. There was a lack of food, water, electricity and medical treatment.

Many were hospitalized and in July it became too much. A migrantarbejder from Bangladesh died, and so went the rest of the strike.

Qatar's WORLD cup hosts do otherwise to keep the death toll among migrantarbejderne secret. It is bad advertising for the finals.

The most recently estimated figure is from 2015. Here, they managed Extra Leaf to make a list using information from the various embassies in the capital city of Doha. The figure at the time was that the 1400 migrant workers have died since Qatar in 2010 was the WORLD cup in 2022.

It is appalling figures and the reason why Qatar has since put a lid on all information about the dead migrant workers. But flown regularly coffins out from the Hamad airport in Doha for countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Pakistan.

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Migrant workers on the roof of the kæmpehallen Lusail, where the Danish håndboldherrer played the WORLD cup in 2015. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

International trade unions estimate that there door at least a migrantarbejder in Qatar each and every day. Holding the connector, we will get closer to about 4000 died before the first battle finished in november 2022.

the WORLD cup is moved to winter months, because it is too hot to play football in the summer in the small wilderness. But not too hot to migrantarbejderne can drudge in up to 12 hours a day.

the Head of the Norwegian LO, Christian Gabrielsen, has found that if the WORLD held a minute's silence for every dead migrantarbejder, the first 44 matches at the tournament will be played in silence.

Hamton camp in Umm Salal ultimately closed in February of this year. More than 400 out of the 900 employees chose to go home, and they never got the wages they had to good.

It succeeded 100 other to switch to another job in Qatar - however, without getting their receivable from Hamton. Only 200 have been a part of their receivables paid after the lengthy brawl in the Street from the intricate judicial system.

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