Scores of new job: - It gets weird

Janni Pedersen from the spring to get used to a new life, where she must to get up early. From march she needs to be hosted on 'Go morgen Danmark' and give

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Ann McDonald
07 January 2020 Tuesday 14:00
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Scores of new job: - It gets weird

Janni Pedersen from the spring to get used to a new life, where she must to get up early.

From march she needs to be hosted on 'Go morgen Danmark' and give the danes a good start on the tv-the day. It she says in a posting on Facebook.

'It is quite a strange feeling, but I am me. For I have said yes to being a temp at the 'Go' morgen Danmark' for Louise Wollf, while she is on maternity leave, so I must again to get up early. This time, however, without Simone, but to be mate with Mikkel Kryger and Steen Langeberg,' she writes.

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The new job means that she is going to take a leave of absence from TV2 News and TV2 News in a year.

'It will be strange not to be a part of the daily nyhedsmaskine, not having to stand in front of the Copenhagen city court in the early morning and late evening. It will be strange not to feel that overflowing feeling I have inside in my stomach, when I sit in the studio and on the editorial board will work in the highest gear, because we just go in the yellow. A big yellow'

'It will be strange not to go in transmissionsgear, where we just gets in the story, and the sources are dialed in, and make-up runs marathons. It will be weird not having to ask His Engell put the phone on the table and not having to facilitate meningsmaskinerne in News&Co.,' she writes in the advertisement.

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with Janni Pedersen, who starts on morgenprogrammet from the middle of march.

- It will be different, because I need to get up early again, say the next 'Go' Morgen Danmark'-host, as Extra the Blade catches her on the phone.

- Are you an early riser?

- No, is the answer quickly from the laughing Janni, who continues:

- But I have been up early with Lasse (Sjørslev, red.) in four years, when we did the morning tv together on the News, so I know the drill. So I am thinking that it probably should go. I loaned a year, and I can easily handle. I am me just.

After having been affiliated with the TV2 News in 19 years is Janni Pedersen is now ready to work with a slightly different type of stories.

I have had a fairly sharp profile as her, standing on a tile in front of the Copenhagen city court. But now I have been the host of 'News&Co.', since it started three years ago, and it is also a program where we make very soft stories about the 100 ugliest animals in the world and the kind.

- In fact I am pretty lattermild, and I wake up relatively happy in the morning. So I thought: 'Okay!', when they called and asked. I also have been 51, and she also becomes more rounded with age - not only physical, but also on top of the cask, says Janni Pedersen.

There is only talk about a maternity locum for a year, and Janni Pedersen's plan is that she will subsequently return to his current job.

- I can promise you that it is, she rolls fast.

She continues, however, as the host at 'Station 2', and 'Behind the crime' on TV2 NEWS. And it was important to her that she could go on with it, if she were to say yes to the new job.

- even Though I have been a presenter for 13 years, so is my dna, first and foremost, to be a journalist. Of course, you can say that when one is host on the News, so is very also, while you are sitting in the studio, so you need to be a reasonably experienced journalist to be able to lift the task.

- Now it sounds like this: 'Uh, where are we skilled', but you have to have a form of journalistic ballast to sit in there. Otherwise, you can't go the distance. So I consider more myself as a reporter than a presenter, and therefore it is important for me also to keep my krimiben, says Janni Pedersen.

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