Sarah Mahfoud is the new world champion

Boxing - 1. feb. 2020 - pm. 23:52 From ecstasy to disappointment: Dane beaten in the floor Boxing - 1. feb. 2020 - pm. 21:54 Brutal start to the WORLD cup-gal

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
01 February 2020 Saturday 19:00
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Sarah Mahfoud is the new world champion

Boxing - 1. feb. 2020 - pm. 23:52 From ecstasy to disappointment: Dane beaten in the floor

Boxing - 1. feb. 2020 - pm. 21:54 Brutal start to the WORLD cup-gala

Jublen would never end, when victory expected, was appointed by the speaker.

The Danish fjervægter Sarah Mahfoud can now crown his unbeaten professional career with a world championship.

The 30-year-old challenger controlled the show in tonight's battle for the IBF fjervægtsverdensmesterbæltet and won deservedly on points after an intense fight.

Now it was. Mogens Citizens absolutely big match. The culmination of five years of work, since the Danish Fight Night saw the light of day in 2015. A WORLD cup match, yes, good enough interim, but a large titelbrag.

Under the nationalmelodierne had the WORLD title, the offender Sarah Mahfoud time to nidstirre with an intense, determined look, the reigning interim IBF world champion in the featherweight, increasing the argentinian Brenda Karen Carabajal.

Without batting a mine, almost without blinking, had the undefeated, 30-year-old Mahfoud standing bumstille under the big dannebrog flag locked his aim on the 28-argentinian in the opposite ringhjørne.

‘It's damn, now or never,’ one could easily imagine that Mogens Citizens big the WORLD cup-hope said to himself in the seconds before the gongongen sounded.

Brenda Carabajal has enough of a brute strength and a power that overmatcher Sarah Mahfouds, but it was the dane's wildness, explosive shock, and the emerging combinations which forced the argentine interim champion around the ring.

She is fast, Sarah Mahfoud, especially with the right strokes - first a sharp left, followed by the right, the dane's great force. Brenda Carabajal however, gambled on his swing.

Across the hall, all the spectators screamed their darling: Sarah! Sarah! Increasing the argentinian was the pressure, at stamford bridge. She grumbled to fight Søren Saumann, as she believed, to the home of the favorite stangede her directly in the face.

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Sarah shrugged his shoulders, and Søren Saumann did not agree with.

The Danish dominance continued when Carabajal was forced to circling around with the Danish fjervægter in the middle as pounding, heavy-handed conductor.

The reigning interim champion lacked a little spark, the Latin american temperament was broke, at least not exactly out in the light of a flame of fire, even though she had much to catch up on the judge's scorecards.

Even in the last round, where Carabajal well almost only be able to throw themselves headlong against a knockout attempt to save the fight, was dominated by the dane. Mahfoud responded each time and showed increasing the argentinian out on the ropes, where a folded Carabajal had to take.

That was earned jublet of both Sarah and increasing the argentinian in the last lap: A pretty solid fight performance of the both. But sarah's technical skills, the quick strokes, it was too big a mouthful for Brenda Carabajal, who does not let himself be deterred, but could not match Mogens Citizens new interm IBF verdensmesters total control.

The bahamanske coach Sherman Williams fired his diva, as he has called her repeatedly in the run-up, to take a taunt. with convincing attitude around the ring with his arms raised over his head - she went the distance and proved his worth.

Sarah did it! And can be proud of. Sarah took a dance moves or train and clapping in time with the audience even before she was touted as the match victory-woman! For the was sure: 98-92, 97-93, and 100-90.

Sarah Mahfoud is hereby the new, Danish IBF interim world champion in featherweight! With all dommerstemmer! And was quite deservedly hailed by fans, who does not let himself hold back.

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